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Getting Started with Zonka Feedback ๐Ÿš€
Getting Started with Zonka Feedback ๐Ÿš€

Capture feedback and collect data with customized Surveys & Feedback Forms from your audience with Zonka Feedback.

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In this article, we will guide you through how to get started with Zonka Feedback.

What can you do with Zonka Feedback?

Getting Started with Zonka Feedback

STEP 1: Create your Zonka Feedback Account

Sign up for Zonka Feedback in less than a minute. Once you sign up for a free trial, you can access all the features for 15 days. You can also schedule a demo with us and give yourself a chance to completed explore and understand the Zonka Feedback platform.

STEP 2: Build your first survey

The first step once you're inside the platform is to create your survey so you can start collecting feedback and conducting surveys. You can create surveys in minutes โ€” without any coding knowledge required.

  • Create your Survey with the Wizard
    Use the step-by-step Survey Wizard to create your survey in a jiffy. In the wizard, you can choose the kind of experience you're looking to measure, select templates, preview them in various channels, edit the chosen template in the survey builder and then distribute your survey based on your chosen distribution channel. Learn more about it in the Create Experience Wizard guide.

  • Create your Survey from Templates

    You can click on Start from template library button to get redirected to the Zonka Feedback Template library which has over 800+ survey templates for popular use cases and industries created by experts to browse and choose from and customise.

  • Create your Survey from Scratch

    You can click on the Create from Scratch button and you will be taken directly to the Survey Builder. With over 40+ question types, with the scope of adding survey variables and logic in more than 70 global languages, you can add and edit the smallest details to your survey ranging from Logo, font, background, colors etc.

STEP 3: Installing JS Client (Optional)

Add multiple website surveys by adding only a single tiny code snippet in your web pages. This code snippet will show the latest added widgets, one of each type on the target pages with individual settings for each survey. You can learn the steps to install it in the Workspace JS client guide.

STEP 4: Adding Users

Zonka Feedback enables you to invite and manage users and grant granular permissions to them. Anyone assigned to the admin role on your account can administer role assignments to grant or deny access to certain areas of the portal. Zonka Feedback does not limit the number of roles you can create for your account.

STEP 5: Distribute your Survey

With Zonka Feedback, you can collect responses on emails, SMS, Mobiles and tablets, Websites, in-products, Slack, Microsoft teams, all major Customer Relationship Management tools, Enterprise Related products and Helpdesk systems.

  1. Send Email Survey invitations, email signature surveys, embedded surveys and more to your customers.

  2. Trigger SMS Surveys to customers on their Mobile Devices via SMS and gather information, capture feedback and measure customer experience.

  3. Conduct surveys on Mobile and Tablet Application in Both Android and IOS Devices for on-the-go surveys, do market research and take on-premises, in-moment feedback from customers.

  4. You can collect data, measure satisfaction at various online touch points on your Website and in your product application with the help of website surveys in forms of pop up, pop over, side tab and bottom bars and slide outs.

  5. Integrate and collaborate with popular apps and reduce the time of your data syncing across different tools to manage your audience and business.

What's next?

  • Now that youโ€™re all set up with your survey, you may want to manage the responses and act on them. You can read through this article to know all the features of your Responses Inbox.

  • Well when your response inbox gets too crowded, you may want to analyse them with our real time reports and analytics based on response tags, CX metrics and questions and identify trends and gaps.

  • Don't want to manually go through each response and take action on it? Automate it with workflows, auto-responders and auto-tagging features of Zonka Feedback.

  • Already using tools which need to get integrated with Zonka Features? Explore our app marketplace and collaborate your surveys and responses across almost all popular third party applications.

  • Finally close the feedback loop by taking action to improve customer experience based on the feedback you receive.

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