The Snapshot Survey Report in Zonka Feedback is an overview report where you can get a summary and analysis of the number of responses, all the Customer Feedback Metrics, and the Channels used to collect surveys and feedback. 

What’s in the Snapshot Report?

In the Snapshot Report, here is what you’re able to see —

1. Overview of Responses

Highlighted and aligned the overall scores, percentage of completion rate, and average time of the survey on the top. You will find,

  • Total Responses - This shows the total number of responses collected against the survey.

  • Completion Rate - This shows the overall completion % of the responses submitted for a survey within a selected period of time.

  • Average Time - This shows the average time of filling up and submitting a survey across responses from a selected period of time.

2. Overview of all the Customer Feedback Metrics

You get an overall view of all the measured NPS, CES, and CSAT scores for that respective survey,

· Net Promoter Score (with Promoters, Detractors & Passives)
· Customer Satisfaction Score (with Negative, Positive & Neutral)
· Customer Effort Score (High Effort, Low Effort & Medium Effort) 

3. Last 10 responses

You get a consolidated list of the lastest 10 responses along with their score, Name, time of response, and comments if any.

4. Overview Response Trends

You get an overall view of the total number of responses against the selected date, This is for a complete business perspective with the data, you can identify,

  • How many customers interact with your brand.

  • Evaluate your brand value.

  • Predicting Long-Term Performance.

  • Anticipating Problems and Making Timely Preparations.

5. Overview of Channels

You get an overall view of all channels used for survey distribution and their corresponding scores —
· Number of responses by channels — Tablet, Mobile, Online, Email & SMS
· Customer Feedback Metrics (NPS, CES & CSAT) for each feedback channel 

Note: All the statistics are displayed for the currently selected date and are compared with the previous period, by default.

Date Selection, Location Selection & Filters

While viewing the report, you can use the following filters from the top to view the Snapshot report data that you need. 

  • Date Selection — While viewing the Snapshot Report in Zonka Feedback, you can choose which time period you want to see the report for. In the date selection dropdown, you can choose from Date Presets (Lifetime, Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, and Last Year) or pick any custom date range. 

  • Location Selection — While viewing the Snapshot Report in Zonka Feedback, you can choose the location for which you’d like to see the report. All locations or multiple locations can be selected to view the Snapshot. 

  • Filters — You can filter the Snapshot report by applying Default Filters like Day, Team, Tag, Devices, Source & Time, Question Filters and Contact Attributes Filters.  

Data Export

The most important part of your survey is data. If you’re looking to have an overall summary of responses, our PDF export provides you with a beautiful presentation of your data. To export your data, click on 'Actions' on the left top corner of your report.

The PDF file gets stored on your desktop automatically.

Note - Some browsers will require you to refresh the page in order to see the complete download.

You’ve now mastered the art of exporting! This will make the process of analyzing your data, sharing it, and accessing it a whole lot easier.

Snapshot Report is available in which plan?

The Snapshot Report is a part of the Standard Reports and is accessible by everyone in all reports. View plans and pricing to know more.   

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