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Analytics and Reports in Zonka Feedback
Analytics and Reports in Zonka Feedback

Know all about Analytics and Feedback Reports in Zonka Feedback 📈

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Once you have collected data and captured feedback, it is important to Analyze it and see Trends. Reports and Analytics in Zonka Feedback helps you do exactly that. It automatically organizes all the collected data and gives you robust reports, graphs and tablets to extract meaningful insights. 

Reports and Analytics in Zonka Feedback present the available data as graphs, trends, and tables. You also get several customization options and ability to save, schedule and download Reports. 

In a nut shell, Zonka Feedback Reporting and Analytics helps you transform raw data into valuable data visualization

Viewing Feedback & Survey Reports

To view the reports, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to Surveys (Manage > Surveys) from the left side bar. You will see the list of Surveys. 

  2. Search and click the Survey you'd like to view Reports for. On click, you will go to Survey Analytics, if there are any responses to your Survey. 

  3. From the top navigation, switch to any Survey Report you'd like to see. (Learn about navigating between different tabs in the top navigation in Zonka Feedback.)

Different Types of Reports in Zonka Feedback

The Reports available in Zonka Feedback Web Platform are as follows —

  1. Snapshot Report — This is an Overview Report to get a quick summary and analysis of Responses, CX Metrics and Survey Channels 

  2. Insights Report — In the Insights Reports, you can get Insights and Analysis of all Survey Responses and CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT). The Insights Report is available for Responses, Locations and Team Performance. 

  3. Trends Reports — View and analyze how Survey Responses and Metrics have changed over time, in a powerful Trends Report

  4. Text Analytics — Make meaning of open-ended responses, comment boxes and unstructured text data in Text Analytics report. 

  5. Tags Reports — View Analysis of Responses and CX Metrics in context of all the Response Tags created by you in the Zonka Feedback account. (Learn all about Response Tags)

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