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Insights Report

Get Insights and Analysis of all Survey Responses and CX Metrics 📈

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The Insights Survey Report in Zonka Feedback is a detailed and intelligently crafted report to bring you an insightful analysis of all the Questions and Responses of the Survey, along with the Customer Feedback Metrics measured in the Survey. 

In this article, we will review

  1. 3 Types of Insights Report

  2. Data Visualization in Insights Report

  3. Choosing Metrics to be displayed in

  4. Date Selection, Location Selection & Report Filters

3 Types of Insights Report

  • Responses Insights Report — The Response Insights report gives you a breakdown of each question along with the options. You can see the number of responses per choice (in numbers and percentages) and view it graphically. 

  • Locations Insights Report — The Locations Insights report is a comparative report for all the Locations in your account based on Responses and CX metrics like NPS, CES and CSAT that are being measured in the survey. It is a helpful report to see how each location is faring against another on various parameters.

  • Team Performance Insights Report — If you taking Feedback on Tablets & Kiosks, then based on which User is logged in, you can get a Device User Insights report. This is helpful in businesses where Device Users are actively taking feedback. For example, in a dine in restaurant, if the staff is logged into individually devices and is collecting feedback from tables they served, then this report can give you a comparative analysis of all the Device Users and how well they fared on each parameter like Number of Responses, NPS, CES and CSAT. 

Note: All the statistics are displayed for the current selected date and are compared with the previous period, by default.

Data Visualization in Insights Reports

 Let's look at how the data is displayed in the Insights Reports. 

Choosing Metrics

By default, the Insights Report displays all the Customer Experience Metrics that you are measuring in your Survey - NPS, CES and CSAT along with the graphs. You can manage this and turn off any metrics that you wish to not view in the report. 

To manage the Metrics you see in the Insights Report, follow these steps. 

  1. Click on ( ) on the top right side.  

  2. A drop down will open up and will give you options to select the metrics you'd like to view - Graphs, NPS, CES, CSAT. You can uncheck any that you want to hide and click on Update. 

Date Selection, Location Selection & Filters

While viewing the report, you can use the following filters from the top to view the Snapshot report data that you need. 

  • Date Selection: While viewing the Insights Report in Zonka Feedback, you can choose which time period you want to see the report for. In the date selection drop down, you can choose from Date Presets (Lifetime, Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year and Last Year) or pick any custom date range. 

  • Location Selection: While viewing the Insights Report in Zonka Feedback, you can choose the Location for which you’d like to see the report. All locations or multiple locations can be selected to view the Insights for. 

  • Filters: You can filter the Insights report by applying Default Filters like Day, Team, Tag, Devices, Source & Time, Question Filters and Contact Attributes Filters. 

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