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Getting Started

Cheat-sheet and pro-tips to getting started with Zonka Feedback, creating your account, navigating around and downloading Zonka Feedback Offline Apps.

Creating and Customizing your Surveys

Learn how to easily create and customize Surveys and Feedback Forms with Zonka Feedback

NPS Surveys & Best Practices

Learn about Net Promoter Score surveys and gain insights on best practices to improve customer satisfaction.

Distributing your Surveys

Explore various methods to distribute surveys and gather valuable feedback from your audience.

Sending Email Surveys

Learn all about sending Email Surveys using Zonka Feedback πŸ“§

Sending SMS Surveys

Reach out to your customers via text message and get quick responses with Zonka Feedback SMS surveys.

Taking Feedback on Web

Learn to collect feedback from website visitors and gauge their experience with web widgets.

Offline & Kiosks Surveys

Know how to gather feedback in-person with offline and kiosk survey options.

Survey & CX Automation

Automate your survey and CX processes to save time and increase efficiency.

Closing the Loop via Response Inbox

View responses in real-time, take action and Close the Feedback Loop with Zonka Feedback πŸ”„

Reporting and Analytics

Learn all about Zonka Feedback's Survey & Feedback Reports and Analytics πŸ“ˆ

Contacts and List Management

Know all about Contacts, Contact Attributes and Contact Lists in Zonka Feedback πŸ‘©β€πŸ’ΌπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό

Working with Location-Based Surveys

Have multiple business locations, outlets or centers? Set up them easily in your Zonka Feedback to take feedback and look at location-based reports. πŸŒπŸ“

Apps & Integrations

Integrations make it possible (and easy) to work with different tools. Zonka Feedbscn has APIs, Webhooks and plug and okay integrations with many tools to make it easy for you to connect the tools you use with Zonka Feedback and set up workflows. Learn all about the integrations, what the integrations can do, and how to set them up. πŸ”—

User Management and Inviting your Team

Add and Manage Users in your Team πŸ‘₯

Working with Company Settings

Learn all about Company Settings βš™οΈ

My Profile, Alerts and Digest

Manage your profile, alerts, and digests for seamless survey and feedback management.

Zonka for Webex

Learn how to integrate Zonka with Webex to conduct surveys during virtual meetings and events.