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Trends Report

View and analyze how Survey Responses and Metrics have changed over time, in a powerful Trends Report ๐Ÿ“Š

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Zonka Feedback's Trends Report is designed to show you how your Survey Responses and Metrics have changed over time and the trends in a given period. The Trends Report is a very valuable report to analyze Responses and metrics, understand change and see if the metrics are moving positively over time.

What does the Trends Report contain?

Over Time Graph

The Over Time Graph plots the CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT) over time. You can view this Month over Month, Quarter over Quarter or Year over Year. The CX metrics like NPS, CES and CSAT are listed out in detail and are measured out with respect to the surveys. This analysis is based on previous period trends by default.

Net Promoter Score

The report showcased gives us a clear picture of the trends quarter over quarter or month over month. You find the total percentage of promoters, passives and detractors. The overall NPS score is calculated against the total number of responses.ย 

Customer Effort Score

The report gives us the trends of satisfaction and dissatisfaction level of our customers. ย The overall CES score is calculated against the total number of responses.ย 

Customer Satisfaction Score

The report gives you the total percentage of positive, neutral and negative scores. The overall CSAT score is calculated against the total number of responses.ย 

Heat Map of Responses by Day and Time

Heat Map is a data analysis of the data that utilize color-coded systems. Heat maps give us a better visual representation of the data set. This helps us to track a large amount of data quickly.ย 

Example: If you want to know which areas get the most attention for the survey conducted, a heat map shows you in a visual way that's easy to assimilate and make decisions from. The data is viewed for dates along the time.ย 

Advantages of a Heat map:

  1. Giving direct overview of key performance.

  2. A quick map cum filter that gives you a clear understanding of your survey and its performance.ย 

  3. Filter Data based on different audience.

  4. Help companies make knowledgeable choices that improve the bottom line.

  5. It is easy to assimilate and make decisions.ย 

Note: You find Actions in the extreme right. You can either save the report or download as a PDF file.ย 


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