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The ultimate aim of sending an email survey is to get responses from your customers. We have made sending email a very simpler process in Zonka Feedback. Sending an email consists of 3 steps Compose, Adding recipients, preview and send. To see the ways in which we can edit the Email Survey Template. To start with:

From Address

By default it is the Account owner whose email address would be embedded. You can change the from email address. You would get re-directed to a page where you need to give the following information:

1. Sender's Name: Use the space to add the Sender's name which you would like you use while sending emails. 

2. Sender's email address: Use this to configure name and an email address that you would like to use as Sender Email while sending email campaigns.The recipient will see this name and email address with the survey email. 

Subject line

Although Convincing your respondents to open your email survey can be challenging enough. But a strong survey email subject line is what that stands between you and your customers engagement.

In Zonka Feedback account by default We'd love your opinion “ is loaded as subject line which can be modified. 

Tip: You can add simple and attractive subject line or Write catchy Subject Lines. 

Email content:

Compose your email content which you need to send to your contacts.

This Email editor is completely flexible. You would see the default content loaded that can be modified. You will have 2 choices to display the feedback in the email body:

  • Default

  • Embedded Question

Default: Choose to have a Survey Button in the email which when clicked by the recipient will redirect to the actual survey to fill and submit. Your respondent would reach to the first screen of your survey. In short, In this option when a respondent clicks an answer choice in the email, we send them to the first page of your survey so they can continue answering the rest of your questions.

Embedded Button: The most attractive way to make your respondents respond is to have the first question embedded in your email. Choose to have the first question Embedded in the email itself. The first embedded question on the first screen of the survey will be embedded.The recipient can choose to select the answer within the email and it would redirect to the survey with that question choice selected.

What questions can be embedded?

  • NPS

  • CSAT

  • CES

  • 5 Scale Rating 

  • 4 Scale Rating

  • 3 Scale Rating

  • 2 Scale Rating

  • Single Select Button

  • Radio Button

  • Picture Choice

  • Matrix/Rating Scale

  • 0-10 scale

Each and everything in the email content can be edited, see what all can be edited. Concentrating on the things that can be edited. 

  • Add your company logo - A logo is much more than just an image, it is a point of recognition for clients and for the branding of your company. There are no preferred size for the image file. 

  • Name of the survey - Keep a name that can convey your respondents what is that survey all about. 

  • Message Text - Email is one of the most common forms of communication with your potential customers/employees. A good content can entice your customer to feedback. 

  • Signature - A signature will represent a brand more than you. It establishes and reinforces who you are as a company.  

Once done with all the customization, you can 'send test email' and check the preview. 


Why it is important to edit your Survey Template?

The main goal is to make your customers/employees to respond to your survey. There are lot of ways by which you can make the response rate of your email higher. One simpler and attractive way is to have a CUSTOMIZED EMAIL TEMPLATE. Templates can be robotic, customized emails can have a personal touch.

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