What is a Response Inbox?

Know all about Zonka Feedback’s Response Inbox (it gives you all responses in real-time) 📨

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Every feedback that is received in Zonka Feedback through Surveys and Feedback Forms is visible in the Response Inbox. Response Inbox is the place where all the feedback response data is stored. The Response Inbox is built so beautifully and intelligently that a huge number of responses captured can be viewed and accessed from one single screen itself. Besides viewing and accessing all Responses, Response Inbox also gives you the ability to filter, tag and take action on the feedback and close the feedback loop

Accessing Response Inbox

To access the Response Inbox, follow these steps. 

  • Global Response Inbox: Navigate to Responses from the left side bar 

  • Survey-wise Response Inbox: Navigate to Surveys (Manage > Surveys), select the Survey you'd like to see the Response Inbox for and select Analytics > Inbox from the top navigation bar. 

In the Global Response Inbox (accessed through the side bar), you can see Responses from all the Surveys. 

In the Survey-based Response Inbox (accessed from inside the Survey and top navigation), you can see Responses for only the particular Surveys. 

Understanding Response Inbox


In the Response, you see all the Responses matching the Filters and Search. The Response contains the following: 

  • Customer Satisfaction Metrics — All the Customer Satisfaction Metrics that you'd be measuring in the Survey (Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score and Customer Effort Score) will be visible based on their score in the Response. 

  • Response Comments — If there was a Comments field in the Survey and if the Respondent filled it up, the Comments will be visible in the Response Inbox. 

  • Response Source — The source from where the Response was received: Online, Email, SMS, Kiosk. 

  • Response Date/Time — This is to indicate when the Response was received. 

  • Response ID — This is the internal Zonka Feedback ID for the Response. 

  • Starred & Important Icon — These can be used to mark the Response as Starred and Important. 

  • Tags — You can add Response Tags to each Response and view the added Tags here. 

  • Add Notes — You can add Notes to the Response.

  • Add Tasks — You can create / add Tasks for yourself and your Account Users here. 

  • Forward — You can forward the Response via Email to anyone. 

Quick Filters

Quick Filters in the Response Inbox come very handy to filter Response quickly based on a few parameters. The Quick Filters are on the left side of the Response Inbox and include the following: 

  • Important — To view all the Responses that have been marked as Important. 

  • Starred — To view all the Responses that have been starred. 

  • To-Do — To view all the Responses that have Tasks assigned with them. 

  • Comments — To view all Responses that have Comments by Respondents 

  • Notes — To view all Responses that have Notes added. 

You can use the Search on top of the Responses to search for Responses based on Comments and Respondent Names. 


If you're viewing Responses for multiple Surveys, you can use the Surveys drop down to filter the Responses based on select Surveys. 

Location Filter

If you have multiple Locations in your Zonka Feedback account, you can use the Location drop down to filter the Responses based on select Locations. 

Date Filter

You can use the Calendar / Date drop down to select a range or period of time in which you'd like to see the Responses. You can choose from some Date Presets like Lifetime, Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year and Last Year. Besides the Date Presets, you can also choose any custom Date Range from the calendar. 


Besides the Quick Filters on the left side bar, you can also use other Filters from the top section. These Filters include the following

  • Filter by User

  • Filter by Tag

  • Filter by Device

  • Filter by Day

  • Filter by Time

  • Filter by Channel

  • Filter by Contact Attributes like Country, Language, Time Zone, Birthday, Anniversary, and Gender. 

  • Filter by Custom Contact Attributes

  • Filter by Survey Questions (only available in the Response Inbox once you access it from inside a Survey) 

NPS Filter

Net Promoter Score is a Customer Satisfaction Metric where respondents rate on a scale of 0-10 based on their willingness to recommend the Company's Product and Services. Based on the score given by the Respondent, you can use NPS Filters for Detractors (those who gave the score of 0-6), Passives (those who gave score of 7-8) and Promoters (those who gave a score of 9-10).

CES Filter

Customer Effort Score is a Customer Satisfaction Metric that measures how much effort a customer had to put to get to get an issue resolved. It is rated on a 7-point scale where 1-3 are Low Effort, 4-5 are Medium Effort and 6-7 are High Effort. Using the CES Filter, you can view Respondents by Low Effort, Medium Effort and High Effort. 

CSAT Filter

Customer Satisfaction Score is a Customer Satisfaction Metric that measures a Customer's Satisfaction with a business, purchase or interaction. The responses in this scoring method allows you to filter on the scores which are Positive, Negative or Neutral. 


Response Tags are key-values that can be added to Responses to segregate them and group them easily. You can easily create Tags in your Response Inbox and then use these Tags to filter your Responses. 


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