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Top Navigation at Zonka Feedback's Web Platform

Navigating within a Survey (between Builder & Analytics) using Top Navigation

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The top navigation in your Zonka Feedback Web Platform is very powerful and makes it very easy and quick for you to navigate to different modules and sections while you're within a survey. 

The top navigation is divided into two main sections - Build and Analytics. Clicking on either of the two slides and opens up more options inside the navigation. 

When you first enter Web Platform, you will be creating your first survey and will be viewing Build as you're in the Survey Builder. 


  1. Build — Build is your Survey Builder where you can create and customize your survey entirely. You can add different Question Types in your surveys, add Survey Logic, add multiple languages, customize look and feel of the survey and more.

  2. Distribute — After you have created the survey, you can choose multiple channels to and touch points to distribute your survey. Survey Distribution allows you to easily reach your selected audience and send the survey to them. Different channels of Survey Distribution in Zonka Feedback include —
    • Tablets & Kiosks
    • Email
    • SMS
    • Web (Web Embed & Web Widget)
    • Link & QR Code
    • APIs & Integrations

  3. Alerts — Once you have distributed your surveys, you can set up Custom Alerts and Notifications for Users as well as Respondents. These Alerts are triggered as and when you get a new Response.


In the top navigation, when you click on Analytics, the section slides and opens up all the Analytics and Reports section. Analytics is a place where you get insightful reports of the data and responses. 

  1. Snapshot The Snapshot Survey Report is an overview report where you can get a summary and analysis of the number of responses collected for that particular survey. All the Customer Feedback Metrics and the Channels used to collect Feedback is mentioned and statics for each is known.

  2. Insights  The Insights Survey Report is a detailed and intelligently crafted report to bring you an insightful analysis of all the Questions and Responses of the Survey, along with the Customer Feedback Metrics measured in the Survey. You can know in depth about Insights.

  3. Inbox — Inbox is the place where all the response data of the selected survey is stored. You can have responses captured, you can view and access from one single screen. Besides viewing and accessing all Responses, you have the ability to filter, tag and take action on the feedback and close the feedback loop.

  4. Trends Trends Report is designed to show you how your Survey Responses and Metrics have changed over time and the trends in a given period. The Trends Report is a very valuable report to analyze Responses and metrics, understand change and see if the metrics are moving positively over time.

  5. Text It helps you to fetch the unstructured text data into meaningful data for analysis purposes. It is a methodology of understanding the maximum used words or how often a word is used. You find the number of responses for a corresponding word and their respective CX scores - Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score and Customer Effort Score. The Text Analytics report is generated on the basis of the Comments question of the Survey.

  6. Tags — You can have various tags to the responses in the response inbox. Tagging allows segregating the responses in different categories such as negative, positive, neutral etc. You can create various tags based on your requirement. 

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