Companies and leaders who deliver outstanding experiences for their website visitors and users know something you might not, that Customer Feedback is the way to gain success. 

What is a Website Feedback?

Website feedback is information obtained directly from website users. These feedback are a great way to reach out to your website visitors. You can create professional and beautiful graphics that appear in special conditions to request a feedback.

This can be done in Zonka Feedback through on-page surveys, pop-over surveys and by using Widgets. After obtaining all the responses, combine all the information and view the analytics. 

Types of Website we provide in Zonka Feedback:

As discussed, Website feedback survey helps you get direct answers from people that the matter most, your customers. In Zonka Feedback, we have 2 major categories of website feedback, 

  1. Widget Type - Add the feedback form as a popover or a button on your website. Website feedback widgets are an easy way to connect with your website visitors. 
  2. Embed Type - You can embed the created survey on your website.  Add the feedback form inline, on your web page or blog.

Let's take a look at these 2 steps in detail. 

1. Embed Type 

Create the survey which is short, simple and informative. To add one embed link in our website you need a basic understanding of HTML and access to your website’s source code.
You can access your Feedback's source code and Add the feedback form inline on your web page or in any blog.

You have an option to configure your feedback based on your website/App. You can change the height and width of your survey. Customize the look of your survey to match your website or app. 

2. Widget Type

The Feedback form can be used in many ways as Popover survey or a button on your website. You can configure how and when the your survey widget should appear on your website or blog.
This section in Zonka Feedback enable you to have a Appearance setting, do your visitors Targeting and manage their behavior.  Let us first take at the different appearance options available. Please take a look at the 2 types of surveys, 

  1. Pop-up survey - A pop-up survey widget appears either in the center of the screen or you will find them at the sliding at the bottom. This makes sure that your visitors respond to the survey and then move to the next action. 
  2. Button survey - A Button feedback widget is a button that sits at the edge either right or left side of a web page. You also have an option to have it as a free button and place it anywhere on the website. Users click the button, rate their experience. Usually answer an open-ended question about how the company could improve their service. 

Once you have created the appearance of your Widget by making all the adjustments of the Button color, Button text Color and Button Text. 

Should this survey be visible to all my visitors or only to some of them? How do I do this? One simple way is to configure your conditions in the Targeting section.
We should first need to decide on whom/which device users we should Target. We can define what percentage of users or if all the users can see the feedback form.

Note: Learn more about your survey Targeting. 

After setting your target criteria, you need to define your surveys's Behavior. Behavior is the way in which your survey needs to behave post launch of the Widget in your website. You can set when your visitors should see your Feedback Widget and till when it will be visible. 

Note: Learn more about the Widget's Behavior.

Tips to create a good website Survey

  • Create a short and attractive survey which is more accurate. 
  • Optimize your surveys for different devices.
  • Provide an open-ended question so respondents can share open comments.
  • Don’t ask too many open-ended questions. They take longer to complete. 
  • Decrease the frequency of your surveys. Appearance too many time may annoy your visitor. 
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