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Learn all about Embedded Surveys — their use case and how to add them to your website or in-app.

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Want to capture more information from your website visitors? Web Surveys are the way best to do it. Website feedback is information obtained directly from website users. This feedback is a great way to reach out to your website visitors. 

You can embed the created survey on your website.  Add the feedback form inline, on your web page. Create a survey that is short, simple, and informative. It can be about anything from event management to collecting your visitor's experience about your website. That doesn’t require any special coding from a Web developer. It is a simple DIY in Zonka Feedback.

Where do we make the changes:

Once the survey is created, Navigate to the 'Distribute' button and follow the steps below, 

  1. Navigate to Surveys (Manage > Surveys)

  2. Choose the Survey from the Survey List which you'd like to display on your Website

  3. Click on Build > Distribute from the top navigation to navigate to the Distribute Settings.

  4. From here, select Web to configure settings for Website Feedback Embed.

  5. Once inside the Web Distribute options, select EMBED and click on Add to configure.

  6. You will be navigated to the Settings for the Embed from where you can manage your Settings.

You land in the Embed layout pop-up where you have the ability to configure your feedback such that it matches your website or App. 

  • Give a user-friendly name to your popover button.

  • Change in Height - You can increase/decrease the height of your survey page. You can fix a scale from 0 - 1024 Px or you can fix a 0 - 100%. 

  • Change in Width - You can increase/decrease the width of your survey page. You can fix a scale from 0 - 1024 px or you can fix a 0 - 100%. 

  • Show Welcome screen - You can toggle on if you want to display the welcome screen on the survey or toggle off if you want to directly display the first question on the screen.

  • Show Logo - You can toggle on to show your company logo on the survey screen or toggle off if you don't want to display it.

  • Show Progress - You can toggle on to show the progress bar at the bottom of your survey to indicate to your customers how many questions are left or you can toggle off.

  • Auto-close on submit - You can toggle on this feature so that immediately once your customer responds to the survey the popover disappears.

7. From here, click on View Code.

8. Copy this code and paste it in the <head> section of your website's HTML

To add one embed link to our website you need a basic understanding of HTML and access to your website’s source code.

You can access your Feedback's source code from your Zonka Feedback account and add the code to your website. Make sure that you add the feedback form inline on your web page or in any blog.

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