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Working with Location-Based Surveys
How to add Locations in Zonka Feedback?
How to add Locations in Zonka Feedback?

Learn how to add Locations to your Account πŸŒπŸ“

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Locations in Zonka Feedback are branches or outlets of your organization that you'd like to take feedback at or run surveys in through the Zonka Feedback platform. Based on your subscription plan, you can add multiple locations to your Zonka Feedback account.Β 

Adding Locations in Zonka Feedback

To add Locations to your Zonka Feedback account, follow these steps.Β 

  1. Navigate to Locations (Manage > Locations) from left side bar.Β 

  2. Click on Add a Location button.Β 

  3. A pop up will open up to fill up a few details about the Location to be added. Fill up the Location Information like Location Name, External ID and Address.Β 

  4. While adding the Locations, you can also assign Location Labels to the Location that is being added. (Learn more about Location Labels)Β 

  5. Once done, click on the Add button and the Location will get added.Β 

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