Locations are different branches or outlets of your business and organization that you can add in Zonka Feedback to do Feedback Management for the entire organization in one platform. Many companies and organizations that have multiple branches and locations usually like to keep data together, but separately. With the Locations module in Zonka Feedback, you can do exactly that. As an Account Owner or Admin, you can add the Locations in your account, give access to multiple Users, add surveys for the locations and view responses and reports location-wise. 

Why add Locations to Zonka Feedback?

There are multiple benefits of adding multiple Locations and Businesses to Zonka Feedback. These include. 

  • Managing Feedbacks & Surveys for the entire organization together — If you have multiple branches, it makes a lot of sense to streamline the feedback and survey process for all together and manage the Feedbacks in one place. This brings about uniformity across the company. 

  • Run Location-specific Surveys — You can run the same and different surveys across Locations in your Zonka Feedback account. Say you are using Zonka Feedback for Employee Feedback at your office branches. One branch has a gym that you'd like feedback for, while the other doesn't have one. You can have specific surveys for locations. Similarly, for restaurants that offer certain amenities while other branches don't, you could have different surveys. But for similar types, you can run the same surveys as well. 

  • Location-based User Access — Managers and Team Members of a particular location don't need access to all Locations. Using location-based access, you can assign only relevant locations to Users. 

  • To filter Responses — You can filter your Responses based on which Location that Contact filled out the Survey for. 

  • Location Comparative Reports — View a very comprehensive and detailed Location Comparative Report and view each parameter compared location-wise. 

  • Filter Reports by Locations — Filter all Reports with Locations to view specific analytics. 

Adding Locations in Zonka Feedback

To add Locations to your Zonka Feedback account, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to Locations (Manage > Locations) from left side bar. 

  2. Click on Add a Location button. 

  3. A pop up will open up to fill up a few details about the Location to be added. Fill up the Location Information like Location Name, External ID and Address

  4. While adding the Locations, you can also assign Location Labels to the Location that is being added. (Learn more about Location Labels

  5. Once done, click on the Add button and the Location will get added. 

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