Location-based Survey Redirection Logic

Redirect your respondents to different webpages based on locations.

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Location-based redirection logic in Zonka Feedback allows you to redirect survey respondents to different web pages based on their selected location or the location data passed in the survey. This powerful feature can be used for a variety of purposes, such as directing respondents to specific webpages with location-specific information or redirecting them to sub-websites based on their location.

In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to set up location-based redirection logic for your surveys.

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Setting up Location-based Redirection

  1. Go to Dashboard and select a survey for which you'd like to redirection logic to

  2. Navigate to Build and select the Logic tab

  3. Go to the question you'd like add redirection to.

  4. Select Choice, Event, and in Action, choose 'Location Based Redirection'

  5. A new dropdown will appear to allow you to select Locations or Location Labels.

  6. Choose the Locations or Labels and in front of those, add the web page link you'd like to redirect the respondent to when they select the chosen location or one of the locations from the label.

  7. You can also set a Default Redirection link for all the remaining locations for which specific link is not set. (This is recommended)

  8. Once done, click on Save to save your settings.

Uses of Location-based Redirection Logic

Location-based redirection logic can be beneficial in various scenarios. Here are a few examples:

Online Review Collection for Different Locations

Use this logic to redirect respondents to different Google Places review pages based on their selected or passed location. This way, you can gather location-specific reviews and ratings.

Display Location-Specific Information

Redirect respondents to specific web pages that contain location-specific information. For instance, if you have different branches or stores, you can provide location-specific details or promotions based on the respondents' locations.

Redirect to Sub-Websites

If you have sub-websites dedicated to different regions or cities, you can use location-based redirection to send respondents to the appropriate sub-website based on their selected or passed location.

With location-based redirection, you can easily set up location-based redirection logic in your Zonka Feedback surveys. This feature opens up new possibilities for tailoring the survey experience based on respondents' locations and providing them with targeted content.


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