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Regional Data Hosting
Regional Data Hosting

Choose where to have your data processed with Regional Data Hosting in the US and EU.

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To support our customers better with their data hosting requirements, at Zonka Feedback, we have introduced Regional Data Hosting. Now you can choose to have your data hosted and processed in US or EU.

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What is Regional Data Hosting?

Regional Data Hosting means that your customer data will not be transferred outside the selected region, i.e. either in US or in EU based on your selection.

Choosing a Data Center

When you sign up for a free trial at Zonka Feedback, the system auto detects your region. If you're signing up from EU, your account is automatically created in the EU Data Server and if you're signing up from outside EU, your account is automatically created in the US Data Server.

Can I switch my Data Center?

You can reach out to the Zonka Feedback team to remove your account and data from the existing Data Center and then you can create your account in the chosen Data Center.

πŸ“– Note

Data in the account cannot be transferred. Switching to a different data center would mean that your account would be created from scratch.

Hence, we recommend deciding your data center during your trial period.

What type of Data is included?

The following data is included in the Regional Data Hosting, i.e. the following data will not be transferred outside of your region.

  • User Details and Login Tokens

  • Contact Details, Contact Attributes, Pre-Filled Data, User Segments, Contact Tracking

  • Survey Details, Templates

  • Survey Responses, Related Meta (Users, Agents, Locations), Distribution Codes, Visit Logs, Activity Logs, Reports

  • Workspaces, Locations, and related data

  • All Integration data like Tokens, Mappings, Weebhook data

  • All data received from Device Tracking like Devices Details, Sessions, Uptime, Sync History

  • All Logs data like Email Logs, SMS Logs, Access Logs, Session Logs, API Logs

What type of data is not included?

For EU, data that is required for billing and support processes may be transferred outside of your region. This includes:

  • Your Name, Payment Logs, Email Subscription Logs (required for Billing, which occurs in US)

  • Technical data captured on the infrastructure (used by our monitoring tools)

Where are our Regional Data Hosting data centres located?

US Data Center

Our US data centre is located in Atlas in the us-east-2 AWS Region (Ohio, United States).

EU Data Center

Our EU data centre is located in Atlas in the eu-central-1 AWS Region (Frankfurt, Europe)

Support for other Data Centers

We'd be adding support for other Data Centers, including AU and India. Please reach out to your account manager or write to us at for further information and timelines for the same.

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