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What is Zonka Feedback? πŸ‘‹
What is Zonka Feedback? πŸ‘‹

New to Zonka Feedback? Know how Zonka Feedback works and how it can be used to transform Feedback Management at your business.

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Zonka Feedback is a Customer Feedback & Experience Management Platform. With customizable feedback forms, multichannel survey distribution, real-time responses, powerful feedback workflows, actionable reporting, and closing the feedback loop, you can create world-class customer and employee experiences with Zonka Feedback.

What can you do with Zonka Feedback?

  • Ask questions that matter. Create stunning and interactive feedback forms and surveys.

  • Reach your customers wherever they are. Distribute your surveys to the right channels to get real-time feedback.

  • Know customer feedback in real-time. View survey responses and feedback instantly in your Response Inbox.

  • Prevent customer churn and make brand advocates. Take action and close the feedback loop with Feedback Automation and Workflows.

  • Analyze and grow your business with in-depth feedback reports and analytics.

Want to know more about how Zonka Feedback can help you? Talk to our team.

Who is Zonka Feedback for?

  • Business Owners looking to understand customer experience and capture voice of customer.

  • Customer Success & Service Teams to take feedback from customers about efficiency and speed of issue resolution, customer service and performance by agents.

  • Product Teams looking for product feedback from users and insights into feature feedback.

  • Human Resource Teams looking to capture feedback from employees and visitors.

  • Marketing Teams to conduct surveys, market research and learn

  • Digital Transformation Teams and IT teams looking at replacing pen paper feedback forms with digital ways to capture and action on feedback.

What sets Zonka Feedback apart?

Unlike other tools that focus either on feedback or surveys, Zonka Feedback is a comprehensive platform that brings together surveys, feedback management and effective closing of the feedback loop in an integrated way for everyone in your business.

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