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Team Performance Insights Report
Team Performance Insights Report

Individual user's score and their performance can be evaluated.

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The Insights Survey Report in Zonka Feedback is a detailed and intelligently crafted report to bring you insightful analysis of all the Questions and Responses of the Survey, along with the Customer Feedback Metrics measured in the Survey.

Under the insights report, is the team performance report where you can see the individual user's number of collected responses and their score.

In this section


If you taking Feedback on Tablets & Kiosks, then based on which User is logged in, you can get a Device User Insights report. This is helpful in businesses where Device Users are actively taking feedback.

For example, in a dine-in restaurant, if the staff is logged into individual devices and is collecting feedback from tables they served, then this report can give you a comparative analysis of all the Device Users and how well they fared on each parameter like the Number of Responses, NPS, CES, and CSAT.

Note: All the statistics are displayed for the currently selected date and are compared with the previous period, by default.

Where do you find the Team Performance reports?

To access the team performance report, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Surveys.

  2. Choose the Survey for which you want to see the team performance report.

  3. Click on the Insights tab.

  4. Under the insights tab > Team performance.

Data Visualization

While viewing the report, you would initially see the overall analysis reports and questions break down analysis.

  1. Overall report - This report helps us in understanding the overall performance of each user, their corresponding number of responses, and their score. This analysis helps us to identify the best performer in your team.

  2. Questions break-down report - This report gives you a breakdown of each user's performance for each question. You can see the number of responses collected for a particular question by a particular user.

Note: We also show the data of each user in a heat map format that will help you in understanding the performances in a graphical way.

Filtering the Team Performance Report

You can filter the Insights report by applying Default Filters like Day, Team, Tag, Devices, Source & Time, Question Filters and Contact Attributes Filters.

Use case - When you want to see your team member's (Jim, Tom, and Neha) performance on Monday or at a particular time. You can see it through the filters.

Exporting the Team Performance Report

Team Performance Reports can be downloaded from the Zonka Feedback Web Dashboard with a few easy steps. Once downloaded, the Report will be available to you offline on your computer for quick access.

Click on the Actions drop-down from the top right-hand corner and select Download PDF from the drop-down. Your report will get downloaded in PDF format.



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