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Understanding your Zonka Feedback Dashboard and Navigations
Understanding your Zonka Feedback Dashboard and Navigations

It's neat. It's simple. And it takes you to all the right places. πŸ–₯

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The Zonka Feedback Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your account and a summary of your Surveys and latest Responses.

It is accessible by clicking on the Zonka icon at the top of the sidebar navigation.

The Dashboard is your Zonka Feedback Platform Home Page. It is where you can view and manage your workspaces and surveys from. The dashboard has two views that you can switch between β€” Grid View and Table View.

What's in your Zonka Feedback Dashboard?

  • Workspaces β€” They are like folders to organize your surveys. View all Workspaces on the left side and the surveys within the workspace on the right side. Create, edit, delete, and manage workspaces from the dashboard.

  • Active Surveys β€” By default, you'll see all your active surveys on the dashboard. However, you can easily switch to view inactive surveys by applying the filter.

  • Locations β€” By default, your dashboard displays surveys from all locations. But if needed, you can filter surveys based on specific locations and easily assign or remove locations to individual surveys. Here’s how you can do thatβ€”

    • Hover over the survey

    • Click on 3 dots

    • Assign or Remove locations from the dropdown menu.

  • Newest First β€” Surveys are initially sorted by their creation date, but you have the flexibility to rearrange them alphabetically or by date.

  • Date selection β€” Utilize the date filter to refine your survey and response data based on specific time periods.

  • Surveys list β€” Create, manage and delete surveys, move surveys between workspaces, view survey responses, metrics, channels used and active integrations used in the survey.

    • Survey name β€” Easily identify surveys by their names listed in the dashboard.

    • Number of Responses β€” Track the total responses received for each survey.

    • Completion Rate β€” Monitor the percentage of respondents who complete the entire survey.

    • Customer Feedback Metrics β€” View the CX Metrics captured in the survey (if they are included in the survey). These include Score (CSAT Score), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES).

    • Integrations β€” View the integrations utilized in each survey for enhanced insights and data management.

    • Manage surveys β€” can manage your surveys directly from the dashboard. Simply hover over the survey of interest, click on the three dots, and access a dropdown menu offering a range of management options, including:

      • Edit Survey Details

      • Duplicate Survey

      • Move to a Different Workspace

      • Assign Locations

      • Remove Locations

      • Deactivate the Survey

      • Delete the Survey

  • β€˜Add Survey’ button β€” Seamlessly create new surveys by clicking the 'Add Survey' button located at the top right corner of the dashboard.

  • Latest Responses β€” Access all the latest responses that you’ve received so far. You can further drill down that response by just clicking on that while selecting 'View all Responses' redirects you to the Global Responses Inbox for a comprehensive overview.

  • Response Trends β€” View Response Trends based on the days you received responses on your dashboard.

Sidebar Navigation:

On the left side of your Zonka Feedback platform, you can see the main navigation menu through which you can navigate between sections with one click.

  • Home β€” Access the dashboard to view all your surveys and manage them efficiently.

  • Global Response Inbox β€” Easily manage responses from all surveys in one centralized inbox, organized by survey and location.

  • Contacts and Segments β€”

    • Contacts in Zonka Feedback are list of people who have been added or imported by you to distribute Email and SMS Surveys, as well as those people who have filled out Surveys and Feedback Forms. In Contacts, available Respondent information like Name, Email Address, Mobile Number and more gets stored. ted by you in the account. These also may be Contacts for whom you have deleted the Responses.

    • Segments β€” Target audiences and deliver surveys to any subgroup of your contacts using segments. In Zonka Feedback, we can create two types of segmentsβ€”

      • Static Segments

      • Dynamic Segments

  • Tasks β€” Tasks are the actions or things to do that can be added by you or other Users in your Zonka Feedback account to execute an action. You can view all your tasks here in the tasks section which includes:

    • All Tasks

    • Pending Tasks

    • Completed Tasks

    • Overdue Tasks

  • Automation β€” Automate your feedback management and customer experience management processes, and make your teams more efficient with Automation and workflows. Access all your created workflows in the Automation section, enabling your teams to operate more efficiently.

  • β€˜+’ sign includes:

    • Add Survey β€” Easily create a new survey directly from this option.

    • Add Contact β€” You can easily add contacts directly here, providing essential details such as Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, and External ID(If any)

    • Add Task β€” Efficiently assign tasks to yourself or other users directly from this feature.

    • Add User β€” Directly add a user from here. Enter the email addresses of the users you'd like to invite and choose the role they should have.

      • Administrator

      • View and Respond user

      • View only

    • Add Location β€” Seamlessly incorporate new locations into your account by adding details such as external ID and address directly from this option.

  • Help β€” Access our comprehensive help portal directly from this option, where you can find assistance with any queries or concerns you may have.

  • What’s new β€” Stay informed about the latest product updates and upcoming features by checking this section regularly. Get insights into what's coming up and what new features will be rolled out in the current quarter and beyond.

  • Settings β€” Manage all your account settings conveniently within the Settings section. This includes:

    • Account β€” Set general settings for your account here, including time zone, country, white label, and user settings.

    • Users β€” Add users and can view all types of users, device users, and agents.

    • Company Data β€” Access all your company data, including added and created locations, devices in use, response tags, and contact attributes.

    • Email Surveys β€” Configure settings for email surveys, such as sender email, sender authentication, and email logs.

    • SMS Surveys β€” Adjust settings for SMS surveys, including SMS Gateway, SMS Survey logs, and SMS Sender ID.

    • Developers β€” Find all technical materials and documents here, including APIs, Data Center information, Webhooks, and JS Client Code.

  • Your Profile β€” Manage your Profile, raise tickets, and manage subscription from here. Within your Profile Settings, you can manage:

    • My profile β€” Manage your personal information, change your password, and configure alerts and notifications.

    • Submit a Ticket β€” Raise a ticket to our customer representative team for any queries or issues you encounter.

    • Subscription β€” Access all subscription information, including Summary, Billing Information, Invoices, and Plans.

    • Logout β€” Safely log out from your account.


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