Understanding your Zonka Feedback Dashboard

It's neat. It's simple. And it takes you to all the right places. 🖥

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The Zonka Feedback Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your account and a summary of your Surveys and latest Responses.
Your Zonka Feedback Dashboard is accessible by clicking on the Zonka icon on the top of the sidebar navigation. It's your Zonka Feedback Web Platform home and it is useful for navigating to everywhere else within your account. 

What's in your Zonka Feedback Dashboard?

The first section gives you quick links to getting started and setting up your account. This includes - 


Here you can see latest updated 7 surveys of your account with their summary and statistics, along with a button to Add a New Survey. The Survey tiles include - 

  • Survey Name — The name of Survey 

  • Number of Responses — The number of Responses and the comparison from previous period

  • Customer Feedback Metrics — View the CX Metrics captured in the survey (if they are included in the survey). These include Score (CSAT Score), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES).

Latest Responses

See the 10 latest Responses from all Surveys. 

View Response Trends based on the days you received responses on your dashboard. 

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