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Picture Choice
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The Picture Choice question allows you to give a pictorial representation of the options that are added in a question. 

When to use a Picture Choice Question?

Picture Choice questions are ideal to use in your survey when you want to explain the options to your respondents with the help of images. This enables your respondents to select the answers in a better way through visualizing the images.

How to add the Picture Choice Question in your Survey in Zonka Feedback?

To add the Picture Choice question to your Survey, follow these steps. 

  1. Go to the Survey you’d like to add the  Picture Choice question to. 

  2. Click on General Questions from the Questions box on the left side

  3. Select Picture Choice from the General Questions list and immediately the Picture Choice question will be added to your survey and appear in the WYSIWYG preview on your screen in the middle. 

  4. On the right side of the preview screen, you will see an Edit box to customize the Picture Choice question. 

How to add Images in Picture Choice Question?

To add an image in the choices  under the question to your Survey, follow these steps. 

  1. Click on the image choice box. 

  2. You get a pop up with 2 options in it, Upload and Media Library

  3. Choose Upload if you want to upload images from your saved ones in your system or choose Media Library, if you have already saved the images in your editor image library & you want to choose among them. You get an editor option as well to crop the selected image and scale it to your desired resolution. 

  4. Once done, click on Save and Apply to upload the image on the selected button.  

Customizing the Picture Choice Question in your Survey

After you have added the Picture Choice question in your survey form, hover over the question and click the edit icon to edit the question. A customization window will get opened on the right side of the survey builder wherein you can move forward with the further question customizations.

The following customizations can be made to your Picture Choice Question. 


In Edit, you can customize the following. 

  • Question: Here you can edit the Question for the Picture Choice.

  • Required: Using this toggle, you can define whether this question is Mandatory (Required) for completion of the survey or not.

  • Multiple Selection: Using this option, you can make the question as multiple choice in which the respondents can choose more than one option.


In Choices, you can add all the Answer Options for the Picture Choice question. You can also add and remove the answer options for the Radio Buttons using (+) and (X) icons

Advanced Settings

  • Variable ID: Variable ID is a unique ID that can be assigned to the Picture Choice question. This is used for passing pre-filled data, via Web Links, Email Surveys, SMS Surveys and in APIs. 

  • Hide Field if data is passed: Using this toggle, you can define whether the Picture Choice option should be hidden if the Data is passed using Variable ID in Web Links, Email Surveys, SMS Surveys and in APIs. 

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