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To your make things easier and quicker we have a exclusive feature called Contact Lists, where you assign to a bunch of contacts that denote a certain category or purpose. Survey results are a great way to get feedback directly from your customers, Contact Lists helps you to generate list of contacts who are interested in a particular thing or gather new email addresses for your mailing list into a single one. 

You can also move a contact by checking their survey's results, into a list. By understanding your options for list helps you  determine the criteria that makes sense for your list and determine your company's goal.

Steps to create a list

  1. Go to Contacts > Contact list

  2. In the upper right, click 'Add list.'

  3. Click the drop down menu and select whether the list you're creating is a Static list or a dynamic list. 

Types of lists

There are 2 types: Static list and Dynamic list.  

Static lists

  • Static lists are manually added contacts who meet the set criteria during that point. 

  • New contacts who meet the criteria will not be added to the list automatically you will have to update it while creating. 

Dynamic Lists

Dynamic lists are assigned to contacts based on the conditions you specify. These conditions will work for existing or new contacts alike and will automatically assign the qualifying contacts to the Dynamic List.

  • These lists automatically update their contacts based on the criteria that is set. 

  • Contacts will join the list when they meet the criteria and leave the list when they no longer meet the criteria. This is considered to be one of the smart lists. 

  • This ensures that the list you are sending the survey is always updated with new contacts and correct contacts who meet the criteria.

How to set Criteria?

As we know, List help us to find and organize contacts by the common feature. To create a criteria, please follow the steps below, 

If the created list is a Dynamic list, Filter your contacts based on the values in their properties. Click on '+Add filter'


  • Contacts with the Attribute value Country is India.

  • Contacts with the Attribute value Gender is Female

  • Contacts with the Attribute value Department is Sales

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