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Learn all about Contact Attributes and how you can use them in Zonka Feedback 🏷

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Contact Attributes are pieces of information stored with the Contact such as Contact Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Country, Language and more which act as identifiers. These are all Default Contact Attributes. Apart from this, you can create additional Custom Contact Attributes to gather or store information about your Contacts. These Attributes help in making your Contact information rich and work as filters for Responses and Reports. 

Why use Contact Attributes?

Contact Attributes, which are values that contain information about the Contact can be very handy while using Zonka Feedback. 

  • To filter Contacts: You can use Contact Attributes to Filter Contacts in the Contact List View  

  • To filter Reports: While looking at Feedback Reports, Contact Attributes can be used as a Filter to view reports. For example, if you'd like to see the Net Promoter Score for all customers that are subscribed to a particular plan in your company, you can make Plan as a Contact Attribute with different Plan Values. Now in the Reports, you can use Plan filter to look at NPS from specific Plan users. 

  • To set up Custom Alerts: While setting up Custom Alerts, you can use Contact Attributes as a Filter to set up conditions. 

  • To add Contacts in Lists & Send Surveys: While creating Contact Lists, Contact Attributes can be used for grouping similar Contacts together based on Attribute value. 

Types of Contact Attributes

The different Types of Contact Attributes available in Zonka Feedback are as follows. 

Default Contact Attributes

  • Name — The contacts first name.

  • Email —The contacts email address. 

  • Mobile —The contacts phone number. 

  • Unique ID — The contact’s unique identifier. Anything such as Membership Id or Customer Id. Accepts alphanumeric values.

  • Country — The contact's country of residence. This might be set manually or through import. 

  • Language — The contacts speaking language.

  • Timezone — The contact’s country of residence and the timezone over there. 

Note:  Contact's Name, Email, Mobile and Unique ID are considered as default Contact Attributes and called Personal Details. Among these Email Address or Mobile Number or Unique ID act as Unique Identifiers for a Contact.

Custom Contact Attributes 

Custom Contact Attributes can be created. Some Custom Contact Attributes that are already available in Zonka Feedback include Birthday, Anniversary and Gender. More Contact Attributes can be created and managed in your Zonka Feedback account. 

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