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Connecting Zonka Feedback's SMS Gateway to send SMS Surveys
Connecting Zonka Feedback's SMS Gateway to send SMS Surveys

Learn how to start sending SMS Surveys by using Zonka Feedback's SMS Gateway.

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Using Zonka Feedback's SMS Gateway Account provides a hassle-free solution to sending SMS surveys to your contacts. With this option, you can directly send SMSes from within the Zonka Feedback platform without the need to connect or manage any additional SMS gateway account. This option is ideal for those who are looking to start sending SMS surveys without having to deal with the hassle of managing multiple accounts.

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Ways of sending SMS Surveys

Even if you're connecting your own SMS Gateway Account, you can use any way of sending SMS Surveys. This includes:

  • Sending SMS Surveys from Zonka Feedback Platform

  • Trigger SMS Surveys via Integrations

  • Trigger SMS Surveys via APIs

In this scenario, the surveys and SMS body would still be customized on the Zonka Feedback platform. Only the triggering of the SMS would happen from your SMS Gateway account.

Getting Started with SMS Surveys

Once you've decided which method you'd like to use to send SMS Surveys, simply go to Survey > Distribute > SMS and choose 'Use Zonka Feedback's SMS Gateway Account'.

Once done, the account would automatically be active in your platform and you can start sending SMS Surveys.

SMS Credits

When you're sending SMS Surveys using Zonka Feedback's SMS Gateway account, you get a set number of SMS Credits per month to be used to send SMS Surveys. SMS Credits are like internal currency for sending SMS Surveys. Based on the country you're sending the survey to, the credits deducted would vary. Read more about SMS Credits.

Monthly SMS Credit Limit


Number of SMS Credits

Survey & CX Starter

500 credits/mo

Survey & CX Professional

1,000 credits/mo

Survey & CX Growth

2,500 credits/mo

Survey & CX Enterprise

2,500 credits/mo

πŸ“– Note

You can add more SMS credits per month in any plan on additional charge.


In which cases should I choose using Zonka Feedback's SMS Gateway Account?

Using Zonka Feedback's SMS Gateway is ideal in the following scenarios.

  • You want to get started immediately.

  • You want to not manage two separate accounts β€” one as your Survey Platform and another SMS Gateway

What are the other ways to send SMS Surveys through Zonka Feedback?

You can connect your own SMS Gateway Account or request integration to a custom SMS Gateway account.

Can I change my SMS Gateway Settings later?

Yes, please contact your account manager or write at to assist you with resetting your SMS Gateway settings.



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