The easiest way to collect Customer Feedback is to send SMS Surveys. 

SMS surveys are defined as those surveys which are administered to gather data and collect feedback from the customers with the help of Short Messaging Service. It is an effective and one of the most efficient survey data collection methodology that provides a high response rate and actionable data from the customers.
It also helps you measure customer satisfaction and areas of improvement. 

Sending SMS Surveys is the most effective and convenient way to distribute Surveys without an internet connection to your customers and get Feedback

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Getting started with SMS Surveys

  1. Once you’ve created your survey, click to ‘Distribute’ and it’ll navigate you to the Distribution page.

  2. From there, select SMS to explore all the SMS Survey settings. Choose if you’d like to send SMS Surveys from the platform itself or set up SMS Surveys via APIs and Integrations.

Steps to sending SMS Surveys via Zonka Feedback

Once you have created your Survey, sending an SMS Survey to your customers through Zonka Feedback is a very quick 3-step process. To send SMS Surveys, follow these steps.

  1. Compose — You can compose, customize, and personalize the Survey SMS. 

  2. Add Recipients — Add contacts manually, send Email Surveys to existing Recipients through Contact Lists, Import Contacts using CSV or add Contacts Manually or 

  3. Preview and Send — Take a quick look at your drafted SMS to ensure that it is exactly what you want to send. Once previewed, you can send it. 

Let's review these 3 steps to Sending SMS Surveys in detail.

Step 1: Composing SMS Survey Body

The personalization and customization you can do include the following:

SMS content: Compose your SMS content which you need to send to your contacts. This editor is completely flexible. 

You have 2 options, Either you would see the default content loaded that can be modified or you can create your own text and insert the URL, which is on the right-hand side of the editor. 

As mentioned, you can customize the message you want to send to your customer. Standard SMS message length is 160 characters and we recommend sticking to that. This link also includes the Survey URL. 

Note: You will not be able to send SMS without the Survey URL.

You can send a test email and take a look at how your email looks in real. 

Step 2: Adding Recipients for SMS Survey

It’s a good practice to have your contacts ready beforehand and ensure you have the correct phone numbers and they are formatted correctly before you start sending SMS to them. Zonka makes it super easy to add recipients to your SMS campaign. We quickly go over these methods:

  • Add contacts Manually - To add manually start writing the contact’s name followed by the phone number separated by a comma. Each recipient should be on a new line. Format the phone numbers with country code without the plus “+” and no spaces.

Following is an example:
James, 919944XXXXXX
Peter Heis, 267XXXXX
Max Miller, 146XXXXXX

  • Select From Contact List - Create a list of contacts, and add the list from the drop-down. Learn how to add contacts. 

  • Import CSV file- You can also add recipients using the good old CSV format in Zonka. Just click on the Import CSV button and drag and drop or upload the CSV file. While doing so, you can even add the imported recipients to a List by giving it a list name. Learn more about adding your recipients. 

Once done with the recipients, now your SMS survey is ready to collect responses, You can either send now or send later. These are known as Sending options of Zonka Feedback.

Step 3: Previewing and Sending SMS Surveys

It's always a good idea to check once if the message you composed looks and sounds nice to your recipients when they receive it. Once you are satisfied continue further by clicking Preview and send it.

To finally send, click Send and wait for the responses to hit your Response Inbox.
This is how you create an SMS survey in Zonka Feedback. Sending SMS surveys is an easy, instant, and effective way to ask for feedback from your customers.

Testing the SMS Survey Platform

Sending yourself the SMS once your customizations are done is a great way to experience how your SMS Surveys look and work. You can easily Test your SMS Surveys from the Zonka Feedback platform without having to separately add yourself to the Contact List and this won't affect your logs and metrics as well.

To test the SMS Survey, follow these steps.

  1. On the Customization page, click on 'Send Test SMS' at the bottom right-hand side.

  2. When you click on it, a text box will appear. Fill in your email address there and click 'Send Test SMS'.

You can experience the SMS Survey and fill it up as well. The responses for the same will not be saved and this is for you to experience the flow and working of the Survey only.

Viewing SMS Survey Logs

In Zonka Feedback, you have an option to track all your SMS that are sent out. it is important to know and understand the deliverability rate and response rate. We have made your work simpler and we have integrated with a lot of email trackers and systems. You would be able to see the following information:

  • Mobile number to which you have sent your survey. 

  • Time and date when your SMS was sent

  • Time and date when your SMS was opened

  • Time and date when the respondent has submitted his/her response. 

Note: Learn more about SMS logs. 

FAQs: Sending SMS Surveys with Zonka Feedback

Can I send out personalized SMS?


Insert a personalization token to tailor the content based on the recipient. You can insert properties like Name, Company Name, Club ID by clicking on "Insert Placeholder"

How much do SMS Surveys cost?

Zonka Feedback provides different account types and costs to suit varying business requirements. Please contact your Account Manager or email at

Is reporting done in real-time for SMS Surveys?

Yes, all reporting is available as soon as it is received.

How many characters of SMS are included in 1 message?

You can have up to 160 characters, this is inclusive of the Survey URL.

Can I have a default stored SMS?


You can save the most commonly used text as a default stored SMS so that it is easy for you to use, simple to access, and makes your SMS survey distribution process quicker

How many SMS is offered a free trial version?

You can send up to 10 SMSes.

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