Survey Question Types
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While creating your survey, you can choose from a lot of different Survey Question Types available. These Survey Questions are divided in three different categories. These are General Questions, Rating & Scales and Contact Information.

In your Zonka Feedback surveys, you can add as many questions as you like. There is no limit on the number of survey questions that can be added.

Let's dive deeper into the Survey Question Types and the know more about the questions.

General Questions

General Questions include questions like button, drop downs, text fields, comment boxes, date selector, image capture, section break and more.

Rating Scales

Measure customer satisfaction, customer effort, customer loyalty, general rating and more using Rating Scales.

Contact Information

Get personal identifiable information using Contact Information questions like Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, Gender. All Contact Attributes will also be included as questions here and can be included in your form.

A survey or feedback form can be a combination of all these types of questions — where you're measuring rating like satisfaction or loyalty, seeking more feedback with generic questions and also taking contact information to identify the respondent and use that information to close the feedback loop.

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