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Zonka Feedback Survey Distribution Channels

This article enlists all the possible ways to distribute your survey and reach your audience wherever they are.

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Reaching customers wherever they are is one of the most important ways to ensure that customers respond to surveys and share feedback. This makes it easy and effortless for customers to fill out surveys and improves the survey response rate for you.

Ways to Distribute Surveys with Zonka Feedback

With Zonka Feedback, you can reach customers exactly where they are and distribute your surveys through various channels and methods. These include:

  • Getting Started - This will enlist all the distribution channels there are available to be set up.

  • Web Surveys — Survey Links, QR Codes, Web Embedded Surveys, Popover Surveys, Pop ups, Side tabs and

  • Email Surveys — Email Survey Invitations, Embedded Email Surveys

  • SMS Surveys — SMS Survey Invitations

  • Offline Survey App — Kiosk Surveys, Android Surveys, iPad Surveys

  • Slack – Configured slack triggers for configured slack accounts

You can use either one or a combination of Survey Distribution Methods to reach out to customers and share surveys.

Getting Started

This page has all the tiles of the distribution channels which are configured or can be configured for a survey.

  • Offline Surveys tile - Get to the android and ios application directly from the links provided.

  • Email Survey tile - Send test emails and then set up the email to be sent right away with ‘Send Now’ option.

  • SMS Surveys tile - Send test SMS and then set up the email to be sent right away with ‘Send Now’ option.

  • Web Survey tile - Add a web survey widget and install it in your web pages to start collecting responses.

Web Surveys

You can conduct web surveys through different ways mentioned in the screen below.

  1. You can set up different widgets - Side tab, Pop up or Pop Over for distributing surveys on web pages. Learn more about how to install a web widget.

  2. You can also embed surveys in your Website or in Product pages to collect responses from your visitors.

  3. You can generate as many links you want for your survey, and share it over social media as link or QR Code.

Email Surveys

You can send email surveys, schedule them for later, trigger them from a popular third party application or simply trigger them from your own application with Send Email API offered by Zonka Feedback.

Offline Surveys

You can download and install Zonka Feedback device application in your android and iOS devices and collect survey responses even when offline and sync later.

You can also distribute the surveys you create by integrating other popular application you already use. You can browse through the list of integrations Zonka Feedback offers here.

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