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Micro Surveys 💬
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Micro Surveys are short, context specific surveys in a small size widget to collect quick responses from the targeted audience. Generally it has one or two short questions on a specific feature and they generally appear during or after the feature is used.

  • Micro surveys are focused on a particular feature and hence the responses collected against it will be concentrated and help in measuring its performance and acceptance.

  • Right positioning of a Micro survey can help you target the right audience at the right time.

Micro Surveys are widely used in following scenarios -

  • Website Content Micro Survey

  • Usability Review Micro Survey

  • Support Ticket through Micro Survey

  • Post Transactions Surveys

  • Trial Expiration Micro Survey

  • Exit Intent Micro Surveys

  • Cancellation Micro Survey

  • Lead Capture Micro Survey

In this article

Comparison between Micro Surveys and Large Surveys

Lets compare the two variants with respect to following properties.


Micro Surveys

Large Surveys

Nature of the Survey

Micro Survey is generally a 2-step survey ending with an open ended question, ideally consists of a CX Metric question followed with a comment question.

Large web Survey can be multiple question surveys with the motive of data collection, or product and market research.

Size of the Widget

The micro widget is much smaller in size and has a fixed layout in comparison to the size of the screen.

The large widget does not have a fixed layout, it depends on the size of the screen.

Available Widget Types

Micro variant is available in pop up, side tab and pop over.

Large variant is also available in all three - pop up, side tab and pop over.

Responsive for Mobile Devices

Micro widgets are responsive for all screen types, including all question types. However not all question types are suitable for a Micro Survey such as Likert Scale, Grid Questions etc

Large widgets are also responsive for all screen types, including all question types. You can select from over 40+ question types to create your surveys.


In Micro Surveys, Zonka Feedback doesnt let you hide the navigation yet but in future releases it may.

In Large Surveys, we have the option to hide navigation except for non-mandatory questions.


In Micro Survey, the logo you set up is hidden.

In Large variant, the logo you set up is not hidden.

How to get started with Micro Surveys?

Micro-surveys are quick feedback surveys, to capture responses and sentiments of your application users or website visitors. For settings up a micro survey, you just need to have an active Zonka Feedback account with any plan.

How to create a Micro survey?

Step 1: Create a Survey

Start by choosing from a large number of templates or from scratch to create an insight survey as per your requirements.

You can

  1. Create a NPS Micro Survey to measure the net promoter score followed with a open ended question to know the story behind the score.

  2. Create a CES Micro survey to know how easy it is to navigate across your web pages for your visitors.

  3. Create a CSAT Micro Survey to know if your website delivers the content which it is meant to and another question to identify the gaps.

Step 2: Create a Micro Widget for it

Once you have your survey made, you need to create an embeddable widget for your web pages.

You need to go to the Distribution tab of your survey and select the ‘web’ channel for your distribution.

Here in the ‘web’ channel, you can select the type of widget you would like to go for. For creating a micro survey, you have three options - Pop Up, Button and Side Tab widget.

  • Click on ‘Setup’ on the type of widget you want select the micro variant in its Appearance tab.

  • You can also customise other appearance components and targeting attributes of the widget as per your requirement.

Step 3: Install the micro widget at the target location

Once your widget is successfully created, you need to embed it in your web pages to start collecting responses from your website visitors.

You can achieve that in two ways

  1. JS Web Client - A workspace based code snippet capable of embedding multiple of surveys in the web page. Learn more about it in this article.

  2. Manual Trigger - You can add a micro survey to a clickable button on a web page. This option is available for pop overs only.

What types of web widgets can be used for Micro Survey?

You can opt to create

  1. A micro pop up, which are harder for visitors to miss, and thus, generate higher engagement. You can change the timing or placement of these pop ups to add more relevance.


  2. A micro side tab, can be placed on the left or right of the screen. Upon clicking on the button, the micro widget slides open for the visitors to take it.


  3. A micro pop over, moves with the button placement. Upon clicking on the button, the survey appears in the vicinity of the button.


How to customise the appearance of the Micro survey?

In the Widget set up window, open the 'Appearance' tab

  • Select 'Micro' variant from Micro/Large size for Micro survey.

  • Pick button color from the color picker against it.

  • Pick button text color from the color picker against it.

  • Choose if you wish to show 'Welcome Screen' or NOT.

  • Choose to turn ON the Auto Submit on the last response.

  • In case of side tab, select the side you wish to show the survey on.

How to customise the targeting nature of the widget?

In the Widget set up window, open the 'Targeting' tab (only for side tab and pop up)

  • Select the target devices - desktop, Tablet or Mobile. The users with the selected devices will be the only ones seeing the widget.

  • Select the target pages - On all pages or the specific pages. The users on the selected pages will be the only ones seeing the widget.

  • Select the target users - All Users or the some % of users. The percentage of users you enter will be targeted, not all.

How to customise the behaviour nature of the widget?

In the Widget set up window, open the 'Behaviour' tab (only for side tab and pop up)

Select one of these behaviours for your widget

  • It should be visible until they(website visitor) submit a response. Once a response is submitted, it should disappear.

  • It should be visible only once, even if they(website visitor) don’t submit a response.

  • It should be visible every time, even if they(website visitor) have submitted a response.

How to Install the Micro Survey in the web pages?

  • Install JS Web client - To display and trigger Zonka Feedback Surveys and Forms from your Website, or within your app or product, you need to install the Zonka Feedback JS Client Code in your web pages by following the steps in this article. This process is same for all widgets irrespective of their variant and nature. Each workspace based JS web client supports 1 pop up, 1 pop over and 1 side tab in that workspace - the latest ones (with the most recent update date).

  • Add Manual Trigger - Along with this, you can install pop over over a event in your web page like on clicking any button or loading end of page or clicking on back button etc. with the help of the manual trigger provided. As mentioned, this option is available for pop overs only.

View Responses for your Micro surveys

With Zonka Feedback, you can view the Responses and Feedbacks coming in, all in real-time at the Response Inbox. The Response Inbox is designed to give you a complete view of the responses including all answers, comments, and the Customer Satisfaction Metrics - NPS, CES, and CSAT Scores.

Besides viewing individual Responses, with Zonka Feedback, you can get very detailed, insightful, and comprehensive Survey & Feedback Reports instantly.

These Reports can be accessed from your Web Dashboard anywhere, on the go. You can filter the reports, save them, download them and schedule them to your inbox.

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