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Getting Started with Zonka for Webex
Getting Started with Zonka for Webex
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Zonka for Webex is an instant Survey, Poll and Quiz tool to increase engagement and make your Webex meetings more engaging, exciting and inclusive for attendees.

Once integrated, you can see Zonka directly within Webex Embeddable Apps. With this integration, you can:

  • Create Surveys within minutes and share them directly in Webex Meetings and Webinars

  • Capture real-time feedback and surveys from meeting attendees

  • Collect ideas from attendees using surveys

  • Run live polls with your audiences and capture votes to view in real-time

  • Conduct quizzes and test knowledge from meeting attendees during events and trainings

  • View real-time Analytics to assess engagement and satisfaction

In this section

What do you need for this integration?

  • A Zonka Feedback Account - any plan

  • A Webex Account - any plan

Getting started with Zonka for Webex

  • Login to your Webex account and click on Meetings and 'Start a meeting'.

  • Once the meeting starts, click on 'Apps' in the bottom right section and select 'Zonka Feedback' from the list of available apps to integrate with.

Signing up for Zonka for Webex Free Trial

  • After choosing the Zonka Feedback application in Webex, you will get the option to open the application

  • The Sign up screen appears where you can Sign Up for a new Zonka Feedback account by entering the mandatory information.

  • After the Signup process is complete, you will be taken to the onboarding screen, where you can create your first Survey, Poll or Quiz.

If you already have an account, you can directly sign into your existing Zonka for Webex account.

Creating your first Survey, Poll or Quiz

Zonka Feedback gives you the option to create Surveys, Polls and Quizzes in Webex, either by choosing from predefined templates to match up your business needs, or you can also design a survey from scratch and modify it accordingly.

  • You will land up on the Onboarding screen straight after the Sign up process, or when you click on the 'Create Survey' link or the '+' button.

  • Simply enter the Survey Name, then choose the type of Survey to be created (Survey/Poll/Quiz).

  • Next, choose from one of the personalized templates or by clicking on 'Start from Scratch'.

  • This will lead you to the Survey Editor tab where you can Edit the survey you are going to create or update an existing one.

  • Click on Add Question to Choose the type of question(s) you would want to add to the survey. These could be used to collect contact information or record a user feedback on a particular question.

  • Alongside with the Editor tab, you also have the Design tab to choose from a series of survey themes you can apply to your survey questions.

  • After adding the series of questions and choosing the appropriate design, click the 'Done' button and you will be done with the creation of your first survey!

Sharing your Survey with Webex Meeting & Webinar Participants

As a Webex Meeting Host, once you're done with the creation and designing of your first survey, the next step is to distribute the same within the list of participants for an ongoing Webex Meeting or Webinar. Zonka Feedback allows you to Share your survey easily by following the steps given below:

  • Click on 'Start' button to start sharing your survey

  • Then click on the Open Together button to share the survey with the participants for an ongoing Webex Meeting or Webinar

  • This will open the survey platform for the meeting participants in their Webex application and they can view the survey questions and give appropriate feedback.

  • After all the participants are done with filling out the survey you shared, you can click on the 'Stop session' button and this will stop sharing the survey with the meeting or webinar participants

Viewing Survey Analytics in Webex

  • Once you, the host has shared the Zonka Feedback survey with your participants by clicking 'Open Together' button in the Webex application, you will be redirected to the Analytics section on your screen.

  • Here, you will be able to showcase a real-time picture of the participants who have already taken the survey. There responses, once recorded, will be visible to you in the live analytics environment, in the form of pictorial representation using charts and tables.

    Notifications, Custom Alerts, or Surveys to Private Channels.


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