Sending Anonymous SMS Surveys

Create surveys and send SMS Surveys while maintaining respondents' anonymity

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Anonymous Surveys are a way to collect feedback or responses from participants without capturing their personal or identifying information. This approach can help increase the likelihood of honest and accurate responses, as participants may feel more comfortable providing candid answers without the fear of being identified. It is also not allowed in certain regions and locations to collect contact information without consent and it may be a legal requirement to take Anonymous Feedback.

With Zonka Feedback, you can send Anonymous SMS Surveys to your customers.

Here's how you can set up Anonymous SMS Surveys in Zonka Feedback.

  1. Go to Survey > Distribute > SMS

  2. Scroll down to 'Respondent Tracking' and disable it

Once done, the Survey Invitation Link that would be sent in your SMS Survey would not be trackable and would not track contact activity like survey opens, survey responded and so on. You will only see the Survey Response once it has been filled.

To create Anonymous Surveys, ensure the following.

  1. Do not ask for any personal or identifying information in the survey itself like Contact Name, Contact Email, Contact Mobile and so on.

  2. Do not upload CSV with any identifying information as pre-filled data.

πŸ“– Note

Be sure to turn off respondent tracking before distributing the survey to ensure complete anonymity. It's not possible to make responses anonymous after they've already been collected.

πŸ“– Note

By default, Respondent Tracking is turned on.

πŸ“– Note

Respondent Tracking has to be managed separately for each survey.


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