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White-Label your Survey Links πŸ”—
White-Label your Survey Links πŸ”—

Learn how to customize and white-label your Zonka Feedback Survey Links to match your company domain name. πŸ”—

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White-Label essentially means to re-brand and package something under your own brand name. By White-Labeling your Survey Links in Zonka Feedback, you can share your surveys with your audience and respondents with your own company domain name.

To white-label your Survey Link, you need to map your own domain name to Zonka Feedback. Once done, your surveys links would be ( instead of This gives you the ability to rebrand your surveys and share them with your customers.

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Why you should White-Label your Survey Links?

White-Labeling your Survey Link is very useful in many ways. Some of these are:

  • It lets customers know it's you.

  • It encourages customers to fill out the survey.

  • It re-emphasizes your brand and increases brand awareness.

  • It leads to a higher response rate.

Which survey channels does White-Labeling Survey Domain work for?

White-Labeling your Survey Domain works for the following Survey Distribution Methods:

  • Survey Link

  • QR Code

  • Social Media Links - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

  • Website Embed

How to White-Label your Zonka Feedback Survey Links?

To white-label your Zonka Feedback Survey Links, follow these steps.

  • Go to Settings > Account > White Label

  • Enter the Domain Name you'd like to redirect Zonka Feedback Survey to.

  • Once done, click on 'Get CNAME Records'. Two CNAME records will be generated and will appear.

    To connect your domain to Zonka Feedback, you'll need to set up the following records in your DNS provider within 48 hours.

  • Once you have added the records in your DNS settings, click on 'Validate' to check. The status will be updated as Pending, Failed or Done.

  • Once the status has been changed to 'Done', your Survey White-Label would get activated.

πŸ’‘ The CNAME Records expire in 48 hours, so once you generate them, be sure to add them to your DNS provider settings within 48 hours. Once expired, you would have to generate them again.

FAQs about White-Labeling Survey Links

How many Custom Domain Names can I set up?

You can set up one Custom Domain Name per account.

Can I change my Custom Domain Name?

Yes, once set up, you can change your Custom Domain Name and White-Labeling Link anytime by removing the previous one and adding a new one.

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