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Integrate Sendfox with Zonka Feedback 📧
Integrate Sendfox with Zonka Feedback 📧

Automate adding Leads and Contacts from new Zonka Feedback Survey Responses to SendFox and put your email marketing on autopilot.

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SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that allows you to compose and send unlimited customized emails.

Zonka Feedback's Sendfox Integration enables you to automatically add leads and contacts in the right mailing lists in SendFox when new Survey Responses are received.

With the Sendfox and Zonka Feedback integration, you can

  • Create and Update Contacts in SendFox for new Zonka Feedback Survey Responses

  • Map new Contacts to specific Mailing Lists in SendFox

In this section

What do you need for this integration?

  • A Zonka Feedback Account - any plan

  • A Sendfox Account - any plan

Prepare your SendFox List

You will need to create a SendFox list to map all your contacts from Zonka Feedback to SendFox. To prepare your list, do as follows:

  • Click the 'List' option located on the navigation menu.

  • Click on 'Create List' to add your new list.

  • Give a Name to your list and import the contacts either Manually or from a CSV file or from Mailchimp or Import contacts from Google and your list is created.

  • All your contacts in SendFox are referred to as 'Subscribers'.

Setting up the Sendfox Integration with Zonka Feedback

  • Choose a Survey from Survey List View and head to the Integrations tab from the top navigation.

  • Click on 'Connect' in Sendfox.

  • Next, you will see the Sendfox Integrations Detail Page where you can click to 'Connect to Sendfox' to connect your Zonka Feedback Account.

  • You’ll be redirected to Sendfox. If you're not logged in, you will have to log in at this step.

  • You’ll be directed back to Zonka Feedback. Now you can do your mapping to create or update contacts in SendFox

  • Your connection is established.

Creating your SendFox List

Once you have connected your SendFox and Zonka Feedback accounts, you can now set conditions to map Zonka Feedback Survey Response fields and create contacts in your SendFox account. Here's how,

  • Once you have Connected your SendFox account to your Zonka Feedback Account, go to Integrations within the Survey you'd like to set mapping.

  • Choose Settings to manage the SendFox account.

  • Click on the 'Add Mapping' button to add a new mapping.

  • A popover will slide in from the right-hand side where you can add the conditions in which the Survey Response and email address should get mapped as SendFox contacts. You can also choose which Survey Response fields should get mapped to which SendFox contact fields in this section.

  • To start with, the mapping, give it a name in 'Mapping Name' which is user-friendly and which helps you easily identify the mapping.

  • Choose your 'SendFox List' from the drop-down menu. This is a mandatory step as it is important to know to which list the contacts to be mapped.

  • Next, set conditions when this mapping should occur. With this integration, you can create a new contact and map the fields for a new response either every time or Only when.
    Every time: For all the new responses collected for a survey, a new message gets generated.
    Only When: This option allows you to set filters and rules to break down your survey results and focus on specific parts of your data and create a message based on it. You can have a combination of either 'All' or 'Any' conditions to set your criteria.

  • As the next steps, you can Map the Fields. Here all the questions of your Zonka Feedback Survey will be displayed on one side and corresponding to it the SendFox contact fields will be displayed.

  • The following are the fields available from SendFox that can be mapped,
    1. Email - By default mapped with Zonka Feedback's Email field.
    2. First Name - This can be mapped only with Zonka Feedback's First Name, Last Name, and Full Name field.
    3. Last Name - This can be mapped only with Zonka Feedback's First Name, Last Name, and Full Name field.

  • Once the mapping is done, this means the contacts from Zonka Feedback Survey Response will get added to the SendFox.

  • If you don't wish to map some fields, you can leave them as 'No Mapping'.

  • Once done, click on 'Save' to save your Mapping Name, List, Conditions, and Mapping.

You find the list of all your mapping with the below information,

  1. Mapping Name - This displays the user-friendly name you have set up for Mapping.

  2. Base Name - This displays the list you have selected (from SendFox) for the contacts to get updated.

  3. Last Sync - This displays the date and time when the last sync had happened.

This integration allows you to create, schedule, and automate unlimited customized emails to your list of contacts in SendFox.

Note - A list can be mapped only once, it can be mapped multiple times with multiple conditions.

Removing SendFox Integration

Anytime you want to remove the Slack Integration, you can do so easily. Here's how.

  • Go to Surveys > Integrations > Slack

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on the link 'Remove Integration'. The Integration would be removed.

You can connect your Slack Account anytime later if you want to reconnect it.

FAQs: SendFox integration with Zonka Feedback

Can I connect the same SendFox list multiple times?

No, You can connect a SendFox list only once. If the list is already active then you can't connect it again, however, you can delete it and add it again for a different use case.

Can I connect Zonka Feedback and Sendfox without an Email question in the survey?

It is mandatory to have an email question in your survey for the integration to happen.

Email addresses are added as contacts in your SendFox list.

Can I connect different SendFox List for the same Survey?

Yes, you can connect different SendFox List for the same Survey and all the lists would be active. Ensure that the correct List is connected when setting up.

Can I get SendFox integration under an Essential plan?

Yes, you do get the benefits of SendFox integration with the Essential plan and above. With this integration, you can send email campaigns and create contacts in SendFox. Know our pricing plans.

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