Intercom integration with Zonka Feedback lets you simplify your tasks and workflows, from sending personalized surveys to customers after resolving a query to adding new users to the customer list. Knowing your customer's experience is the best way to know your brand's strengths.

With the Intercom and Zonka Feedback integration, you can:

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What do you need for this integration?

  • A Zonka Feedback Account - any plan

  • An Intercom Account

Setting up the Intercom Integration with Zonka Feedback

  • Choose a Survey from Survey List View and head to the Integrations tab from the top navigation.

  • Click on 'Connect' in Intercom.

  • Next, you will see the Intercom Integrations Detail Page and click on 'Connect to Intercom' to connect your Zonka Feedback Account.

  • You’ll be redirected to your Intercom account. If you're not logged in, you will have to log in at this step.

  • Once chosen, you will see an Authorization Screen. Click on 'Allow' to give permission to Zonka Feedback to access your Intercom account.

  • Now, Zonka Feedback and Intercom are connected successfully.

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