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Integrate Front with Zonka Feedback ๐Ÿ“
Integrate Front with Zonka Feedback ๐Ÿ“

Follow up with customers who have filled Zonka Feedback Surveys from within Front App with Front & Zonka Feedback Integration. ๐Ÿ“

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Zonka Feedback's Front Integration enables you to add new Survey Responses as new messages in Front of existing contacts and create new contacts.

With the Front and Zonka Feedback integration, you can:

  • Create a New Message in Front for a new Zonka Feedback Survey Response

  • Sync Zonka Feedback Responses with Contacts in Front

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What do you need for this integration?

  • A Zonka Feedback Account - any plan

  • A Front Account

Setting up the Front Integration with Zonka Feedback

  • Choose a Survey from Survey List View and head to the Integrations tab from the top navigation.

  • Click on 'Connect' in Front.

  • Next, you will see the Front Integrations Detail Page and click on 'Connect to Front' to connect your Zonka Feedback Account.

  • Youโ€™ll be redirected to your Front account. If you're not logged in, you will have to log in at this step.

  • Once chosen, you will see an Authorization Screen. Click on 'Authorize' to give permission to Zonka Feedback to access your Front account.

Create a New Message in Front for a new Zonka Feedback Survey Response

Once you have Connected your Front and Zonka Feedback Account. you can enable the toggle to create a new message in your Front account. Create a new message for a new response either every time or Only when.

  • Every time: For all the new responses collected for a survey, a new message gets generated.

  • Only When: This option allows you to set filters and rules to break down your survey results and focus on specific parts of your data and create a message based on it. You can have a combination of either 'All' or 'Any' conditions to set your criteria.
    For example, you can filter by question and answer to view respondents who answered a question a certain way. Or you can filter by completeness to view only complete responses or you can filter based on a specific day or time. Know more about various filter options.

You can choose in which inbox you want all the Zonka Feedback Survey Responses should fall into.

Tip: To store and format all the communication we would suggest you create a custom inbox and rule all the Survey Responses to that inbox so they are easily searchable. For example, for NPS Survey Responses, you could create an Inbox in Front called 'NPS Responses'.

Sync Zonka Feedback Responses with Contacts in Front

By enabling the Sync option, you can add a new note with response details to the matching contact in Front every time a response is received in the Zonka Feedback survey. It is an easy way to manage all your contacts and their responses together in one place.

This one step can help you to stay connected with your customers and know their feedbacks and responses.

Viewing your Front Tickets

When you are viewing your tickets that are created by the Zonka Feedback and Front integration, theyโ€™ll appear as normal conversations in your Dashboard. It will have a subject line 'New Response from [Survey name].'

  • The full message will show the email address, score, comment, and other response information as a note on the ticket and this information is not visible to customers when you respond.

  • Link to survey response: This will take you directly to the Response Detail in your Zonka Feedback Account.

Removing Front Integration

Anytime you want to remove the Front Integration, you can do so easily. Here's how.

  • Go to Surveys > Integrations > Front

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on the link 'Remove Integration'. The Integration would be removed.

You can connect your Front Account anytime later if you want to reconnect it.

FAQs: Front integration with Zonka Feedback

Can I receive a Front Message immediately when a Survey response is submitted in Zonka Feedback?

Yes, there is no time delay between a response being received in Zonka Feedback and a conversation or message being created in Front. This is to make sure that you get immediate notifications that would help you to connect with your Contacts immediately.

Can I know in which bin in Front do all Zonka Feedback Survey Responses fall?

By default, all your Survey Responses get collected in Unassigned. Your admin or manager in Front you can assign them to different team members and have them start working on them right away.

Which email address do all these messages go to?

All your Survey Response messages are sent to your Front account admin's email address. If you want to change the email address, you can do it in Front App.

Which Zonka Feedback plans have Front Integration?

You can use Zonka Feedback and Front Integration in all plans. Check plans and pricing for Zonka Feedback here.

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