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Integrate Mailchimp with Zonka Feedback 📭
Integrate Mailchimp with Zonka Feedback 📭

Automate adding new Survey Respondents (Contacts) from Zonka Feedback to Mailchimp Audiences and Contact List 📭

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Zonka Feedback's Mailchimp Integration enables you to automate adding Survey Respondents from Zonka Feedback to Mailchimp Audiences and Contact Lists. You can set various filters and conditions, map your fields and that's all. The Contacts from Zonka Feedback will automatically start adding in Mailchimp as the Responses come in and match the conditions you've set.

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What do you need for this integration?

  • A Zonka Feedback Account - any plan

  • A Mailchimp Account - any plan

Setting up the Mailchimp Integration with Zonka Feedback

  • Choose a Survey from Survey List View and head to the Integrations tab from the top navigation.

  • Click on 'Connect' in Mailchimp

  • Next, you will see the Mailchimp Integrations Detail Page where you can click 'Connect to Mailchimp' to connect your Zonka Feedback Account.

  • You’ll be redirected to Mailchimp. If you're not logged in, you will have to log in at this step.

  • Once logged in, you will see an Authorization Screen. Click on 'Allow' to give permission to Zonka Feedback to access your Mailchimp Account.

  • You’ll be directed back to Zonka Feedback. Now you can add Conditions and Mapping to choose conditions based on which the contacts will be added from Zonka Feedback to Mailchimp and what data should get saved in which Mailchimp List field.

Setting Conditions and Mapping for Mailchimp integration with Zonka Feedback

Once you have connected your Mailchimp and Zonka Feedback accounts, you can now set conditions to map Zonka Feedback Survey Response fields with Mailchimp Contacts. Here's how.

  • Once you have Connected your Mailchimp account to your Zonka Feedback Account, go to Integrations within the Survey you'd like to set mapping for

  • Choose Settings to manage the Mailchimp mapping

  • Click on the 'Add Mapping' button to add a new mapping

  • A popover will slide in from the right-hand side where you can add the conditions in which the Survey Response should get mapped to Mailchimp contacts. You can also choose which Survey Response fields should get mapped to which Mailchimp contact fields in this section.

  • To begin with, the mapping, give it a name in 'Mapping Name' which is user-friendly and which helps you easily identify the mapping.

  • Next, choose the Mailchimp List from the dropdown. This dropdown will have all the existing Mailchimp Lists from your account. In case you want to create a new list, you would have to do it in your Mailchimp account.

  • Once you've selected the list, you can now Select Conditions. If these conditions are met, the Survey Responses will be mapped to Mailchimp, else won't be. If you'd like to sync all the Survey Responses, then you can leave this blank without adding any filters.

  • Next, you can Map the Fields. Here all the questions of your Zonka Feedback Survey will be displayed on one side and corresponding it the Mailchimp Contact List fields will be displayed. You can select the Mailchimp Contact List fields that you'd like to map. This means the data from Zonka Feedback Survey Response will get added to the corresponding Mailchimp List fields.

  • If you don't wish to map some fields, you can leave them blank.

  • Once done, click on 'Save' to save your Mapping Name, List, Conditions, and Mapping.

Your mapping will now be done and your Mailchimp Contact Lists will get auto-populated with the new Contacts and mapped fields as new Zonka Feedback Survey Responses start to come in.

Removing Mailchimp Integration

Anytime you want to remove the Mailchimp Integration, you can do so easily. Here's how.

  • Go to Surveys > Integrations > Mailchimp

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on the link 'Remove Integration'. The Integration would be removed.

You can connect your Mailchimp Account anytime later if you want to reconnect it.

FAQs: Mailchimp integration with Zonka Feedback

Can I keep connect separate Mailchimp accounts for different surveys?

Yes. You will notice that the Integrations tab is inside the Survey and not globally available in your Zonka Feedback interface.

With the Mailchimp Integration, you can keep connecting different Mailchimp accounts for different surveys. You can also connect different lists of the same Mailchimp account to different surveys.

This gives you full control over how your Mailchimp Integration works for different Surveys.

Can I add conditions for adding Contacts in Mailchimp Lists?

Yes, you can add multiple conditions for adding Contacts in Mailchimp Lists and Audiences. Only these respondents who have given a Survey Response that matches your conditions will get added to the selected Mailchimp List.

What happens when I change the field mapping after a few Contacts have been synced?

You can change the field mapping anytime, i.e. which information from Zonka Feedback should get saved in which field in Mailchimp List. When you change the field mapping, it will not have any effect on the previously synced contacts in Mailchimp.

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