What are APIs In Zonka Feedback?

API (Application Programming Interface) in simple terms, allow applications to talk to each other. Zonka Feedback APIs help you to integrate with applications such as Twilio, Plivio, and Gupshup software. Twilio, Plivio and Gupshup are popular SMS Gateway and are ideal for low to high volume messaging. Zonka supports integration with this software out of the box and it works like a charm.

Zonka Feedback's REST APIs lets you to query and get requested data in JSON format using GET, POST, PUT or DELETE HTTP methods. Zonka's API documentation is organized by API endpoints and examples are shown for each of the endpoints which enables you to access data from different datasets associated with your Zonka account.

Where do you get your API keys in your Zonka Feedback account?

API Authorization Token/API Key: This key is a unique identifier used to authenticate a user, developer, or calling program to an API. The Auth Token is used to access Zonka Feedback APIs for your account. This Auth Token is associated with your account and Email Address and can be used to access data associated with your account only.

This is 32 characters long alphanumeric code which you can find in your settings, please follow the steps below to access your API Authorization Token:

  1. Navigate to 'Settings' from the left bottom corner.

  2. Click on the developer drop-down, and choose API.

  3. You find your API Authorization Token.

API tab is only accessible to Admin users within the Zonka account. The auth token will have the entire scope of the Admin user and can be used to access all datasets associated with the account.

Once you have generated an Auth Token and wish to generate a fresh token then you can do so by clicking Regenerate Token. Please note that the new token will make the previous token invalid and you will need to reconfigure your authentication to use APIs.

The base URL for accessing the API is `https://app-us1.zonkafeedback.com`

Ordering your API:

1. Decide your action - What are your actions or endpoints? Will you be using the API for sending or pulling out response data, or for any other reason?

2. Decide the structure of your API requests - What are you sending Properties or metadata to Zonka Feedback? What language will you be using? Will there be any time delay?

3. Know your triggers - When are you triggering the survey? 1 month or 3 months or immediately to your customers?

4. Decide on survey frequency - How frequently will you be calling this action or endpoint?

5. Know the properties of your request - If triggering survey requests, know what all information you can pass about your customer.

Purpose of SMS Gateways:

An SMS gateway allows a Zonka Feedback account to send Short Message Service to your customers without any human interventions.
Most messages are eventually routed to your customer's mobile phone networks.

  1. Speed: Delivering messages to your clients is important. But it’s even more important is that you do so in a quick and timely manner.

  2. Reliable: SMS remains a direct and consistent platform to communicate with your customers. Integration helps you but adding your cx phone number without any error.

  3. Universal Platform: SMS is so effective is due to the widespread accessibility of mobile phones. Quick action helps you to have an increased response rate.

  4. SMS Logs: Get to know the number of SMSes you have sent and the number of people who responded back. Get to know in detail about SMS Logs.

1. Restaurant Scenario
Let's assume Restaurant ABC Maintains a database of all the customers who visit them. Now you have integrated your restaurant database and Zonka Feedback using APIs. While the customer makes the payment, you can collect their Name and Phone number. This information gets stored in the database.
After some time, an SMS survey from your Zonka Feedback account with your brand name would get triggered without any human intervention.

2. Hospital Scenario:
Let's assume Hospital ABC Maintains an HMS database of all the patients who visit them for checkups. Now you have integrated your HMS database and Zonka Feedback using APIs. While the patient comes for consultation and leaves, After some time an SMS survey from your Zonka Feedback account with your brand name would get triggered without any manual work.

In the above 2 scenarios, the data GET action is done.

Here are few tips to help you have a smooth experience sending SMS with an of the SMS Gateways software:

  • Ensure you have the correct software (Twilio, Plivio) API credentials and privileges.

  • Ensure that you have an active software (Twilio, Plivio) phone number capable of sending SMS globally.

  • Ensure you have sufficient credit if you plan to send SMS globally in large numbers.

  • If you plan to use Messaging Service, please make sure it's set up correctly and active.

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