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SMS Logs in the Settings
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What is a SMS Log?

Messaging Log provides you with detailed information on status of all your sent and received messages. Please follow the steps below to access the Email Logs:

  1. Navigate to 'Settings.'

  2. Click on the 'SMS Surveys' drop down and select the SMS Survey Logs.

Filter options:
In the extreme right corner you find a drop down where you can do the following, 

  1. You can choose which survey you want to see the email logs.

  2. If you select All Surveys, A combined list of all the emails sent from your account would be visible. 

For each and every SMS that you send from Zonka Feedback, we have a track it. You find the below information. 

  • SMS (Mobile Number) - Mobile number to which you have sent your survey. 

  • Sent Date and Time - Time and date when your SMS was sent.

  • SMS Opened -Time and date when your SMS was opened.

  • Survey Opened - Time and date when your survey was opened. 

  • Responded - Time and date when the respondent has submitted his/her response.

Want more stats to put out in your business reports on how effective your campaigns have been? Check out the Summary tab which will give you the following numbers:

  1. Month:  Month and year of sending the SMS.

  2. Sent: Number of SMS sent during this month.

  3. Delivered: Number of SMS Delivered. 

  4. Survey Opened: Number of times the survey was opened out of SMS sent.

  5. Open Rate: Open rate percentage.

  6. Responded: Number of times the survey was responded out of SMS sent.

  7. Response Rate: Response rate percentage.

Wondering how this tracking works? --- We have integrated Zonka Feedback with  Twilio and Plivo SMS services which are hugely popular and reliable, by which tracking becomes easier. 

Note: You can also find the SMS Logs, under the distribute section of each particular survey. 

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