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Email Survey Logs in the Settings
Email Survey Logs in the Settings
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Wondering if your contacts have opened the surveys links you sent them? In Zonka you can view a complete log of all the emails you have sent. Each email is sent with a unique Survey URL that includes a tracking code enabling us to track various activities corresponding to that specific contact.

Please follow the steps below to access the Email Logs:

  1. Navigate to 'Settings.'

  2. Click on the 'Email Surveys' dropdown.

  3. Choose the Email Survey Logs.

Filter options:

  1. You can choose which survey you want to see the email logs.

  2. If you select All Surveys, A combined list of all the emails sent from your account would be visible. 

For each Email sent and received, it shows a timestamp for each of these activities under the Detailed:

  • Email - To which email address you have sent your survey. 

  • Sent Date and Time - Time and date when your Email was sent.

  • Email Opened - Time and date when your Email was opened.

  • Survey Opened - Time and date when your survey was opened.

  • Responded - Time and date when the respondent has submitted his/her response. 

To know more about stats and to see an overall report, Check out the Summary tab which will give you the following numbers:

  • Month:  The Month and year when the emails were sent. 

  • Sent: Number of Emails sent. 

  • Delivered: Number of emails Delivered. 

  • Survey Opened: Number of times the survey was opened. 

  • Open Rate: Percentage of Open rate. 

  • Responded: Number of times the survey was responded. 

  • Response Rate: Percentage of Response rate. 

We have made your work simpler and we have integrated with a lot of email trackers and systems. 

📌Note: You can also find the Email Logs, under the distribute section of each particular survey. 

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