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How to set up Survey question-based alerts in Zonka Feedback?
How to set up Survey question-based alerts in Zonka Feedback?
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Survey question-based Alerts are Alerts which you can set in Zonka Feedback for Users and Respondents on the basis of responses collected for selected questions in the feedback form. 

When to use a Survey Question based alerts in Zonka Feedback?

Survey Question based Alerts are ideal to use when you want to send alerts or notifications to one of your team members (who is registered as a user in Zonka Feedback) or respondents against a certain response for specific questions in the feedback form. For example, there are 2 users in the organization (A & B) and they belong from different departments. Now you being an admin of the Zonka Feedback account, want to send individual notifications to both the users separately for different questions in the feedback form as the question is related to the both the user’s respective departments. Through the Custom Alerts you can set up the conditions for which specific question’s answer which user or a respondent is supposed to get the notifications.

How to set up the Survey Question based Alerts for your Survey in Zonka Feedback?      

  1. Go to Surveys (Manage > Surveys) 

  2. Select the Survey from the list for which you’d like to set up Survey Question based Alert.  

  3. Go to Build in Top Navigation

  4. Select Alerts Tab in Top Navigation and select Custom Alerts.

  5. Once you select, a pop up box comes up with the name Add New Alert. The following options come up in the box,

  • Alert Name: Here you can enter the name of the Custom Alert.

  • Choose the option among All or Any condition to select for the following question based conditions.

  • Add Filter: Click on this option to get a dropdown menu. In the menu, select Filter by Question.

  • After selecting the option, you get the list of questions in the selected survey feedback form. Select the questions for which you want to get the alerts and notifications when its response is submitted.

  • Send Notification to: Select this option for whom would you like to create the alerts for. The given options are Respondent and User.

  • Once done setting up, click on Save Alert.

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