Setting up Response Notifications
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Response Notifications are Email Notifications you can set in Zonka Feedback for Users. Using Response Notifications, Users can receive real-time Email notifications every time when a new response has been submitted. The Notifications can also be customized based on the conditions you set.

When to use a Response Notification?

Response Notifications are ideal to use when you want to get notified every time for a new response or a special negative response that has come in through the selected feedback forms. For example, response notifications for either Detractors (for NPS), High Effort (for CES) or Negative (for CSAT) or for all of them

How to set up the Response Notifications in Zonka Feedback?      

  1. Go to My Profile (Profile Icon > My Profile). 

  2. Select Alerts & Notifications from the list.  

  3. Under the Notifications, you get the Response Notification section.

  4. In the Response Notification section, you get the option,

  • Send Email for: You get the following options,

 -All Responses: Email Notifications will be for all responses that come in.
 -Detractors: Email Notifications when there is a detractor score under NPS.
 -High Effort: Email Notifications when there is a High Effort score under CES.
 -Negative: Email Notifications when there is a Negative score under CSAT.

  • Advanced Options: Click this option, to get a drop down menu with the list of survey names. Select the options against those survey names for which you want to get the notifications.

  5. Once done with the set up of Response Notifications, click Update to complete. 

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