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Manage Settings for Users like Enabling Export Options, Hiding Personal Information, SMS Notifications & Response Alerts ⚙️

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In your Company Settings, you can control and manage settings and actions for Users (Team Members) that you add in your account. The settings you can manage are —

  1. Enable Exports — You can export survey data to download an offline copy of your survey results. Users can export Responses, Respondents and Reports. All the data are exported as a CSV file. (This will be available for Admin and View & Read Users, and not for View Only and Device Users).

  2. Hide Personal Identifiable Information — Hide Personal Identifiable Information like (Name, Email Address & Mobile Number) for Contacts with View & Read, View and Device Users. Admin Users will be always be able to see Personal Identification Information.

  3. Enable SMS Alerts for Owner Admin — Account Owners can set SMS notifications for Responses and Custom SMS Alerts for various types of responses they receive from their customers.

  4. Enable SMS Alerts for All Users All users, except the Device user, can set SMS notifications for Responses and custom SMS Alerts.

Once done with all the changes and modifications, click on the Update button and your changes gets saved. 

Response Alerts for Users

Along with the settings above, as an Admin of your account, you can also set up Response Alerts for Users for the following conditions —

  1. All Responses — Every time there is a new Response, an Email Alert will be sent to the Users. 

  2. Based on CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT) — Set Alerts for Detractors (NPS), for High Effort (CES) and Negative (CSAT). 

Advanced Settings of Response Alerts
In the Advanced Settings for Response Alerts, you can choose particular surveys for which you'd like set the Alerts. 

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