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White-Labeling Email Surveys / Sender Authentication
White-Labeling Email Surveys / Sender Authentication
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With Zonka Feedback, you get everything to white-label your surveys and represent your brand while customers give you feedback and fill out surveys. We offers many customization options for our customers looking to white-label both their surveys and their account. A white-labeled account is essentially re-branded to give the appearance that all services are coming from the account holder and their website instead of Zonka Feedback. 

Where do you set White Label in Zonka Feedback?

Building brand is critical, and Zonka Feedback offers a wide variety of options to meet your needs. Please take a look at the steps below to set it in your account:

  1. Navigate to 'Settings.'

  2. Click on the Email Surveys drop down. 

  3. Choose 'Sender Authentication.'

Enter Sub Domain: A subdomain is a domain that is a part of another domain. You can enter your sub- domain over here.
Enter Domain: Configure your subdomain and domain for email sender you would like to use for emails. This ensures that all the emails, including the Survey emails, which are sent from Zonka, would bear your sender domain instead of

Example: Instead of you can see

Zonka Feedback's White labeling features:

  • Pick your logo - Customize your survey with your company logo to represent the brand to customers.

  • Change look and Feel - Change the look and feel of your survey including fonts, background image, colours and more.

  • Customize Intro & Thank You Screens - Create the intro & thank you screens with your company’s branding and design ethos.

  • Set Email Address for Email Surveys - Set your own company email address and sender's name.

  • White-labeled Survey Domain Link - You can set the survey URL for all online feedback forms and surveys to personalize the URL so when customers access the surveys, they view your company URL instead of Zonka’s.

Why is it important to White-Label?

  1. Brand your surveys and make it truly your own. 

  2. Customization online surveys that help build your brand.

  3. Choose your logo instead of Zonka Feedback, it will be helpful to promote you brand. 

  4. Data security - Giving your customers an assurance that their data is not given out. 

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