As we know, In Zonka Feedback we include a wide variety of settings that enables you to tailor this software as per your custom requirements. These settings ease down your operating capabilities and help you to streamline your customer feedback process.

Personalized name and email address adds a personal customer touch in all the email which goes from your account. It gives an assurity to your customers that you care about them. It is also a way to promote your brand. 

Where do we set Sender name and email address?

Using a Custom Sender Name & Email lets you highlight your organization's brand and personalize your Email Invitation. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to 'Settings.'

  2. Click on the Email Surveys drop down. 

  3. Choose 'Sender Email.'

  • Sender's Name: Zonka Feedback allows you to Add the Sender Name you’d like to display when sending Email Surveys. The recipient will see this Name.

  • Sender's Email Address: Add the Sender Email Address you’d like to send emails from when sending Email Surveys. The recipient will see this Email Address.

Anyone on the team can update the Custom Sender Name & Email for an email invitation.

Where can you see you Replies?

Any replies to your email invitation are sent to the account Admin email address, To know what to expect, reach out to your Account Admin.

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