Turn your phone into a survey-taking device and collect responses with offline mode even when you don't have an internet connection. Zonka Feedback is available on both Android and iOS platforms and can be used on Android Smartphones and Tablets as well as iPhones and iPads.

Whether checking your feedback on your Android phone, or sharing recent customer comments on an Tablet during a meeting, the Zonka Feedback Android app makes accessing your feedback simple and convenient. Without worrying about the internet connection, you can gather data and sync it when a connection is established.

Download Zonka Feedback App on Android Devices

To download the Zonka App on Android Device - Android Smartphone or Android Tablet, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Play Store on your Android Tablet or Android Smartphone.

  2. Search for Zonka Feedback in the search box.

  3. You will see Zonka Feedback in the search results. Click on download link to download the Zonka Feedback App.

  4. Alternatively, visit here to download Zonka Feedback on your Android Tablet or Android Smartphone.

Note: A minimum Android 4.1 version is required to run the Zonka Feedback Android app.

5. Once downloaded, You can Signup with your user name and password.
6. You will find the Zonka survey screen, where all the surveys are listed.

Additional options that are available:

  1. Check Survey Updates - Any updates done in the survey template which has to be updated in your tablet as well is done through this. The date of last upate would be visible by default.

  2. "+" - This feature is there in the left top corner of your device where you can add new survey template to the existing list.

  3. Settings - This feature is there in the right top corner of your device where you can see your account details.

  • Your Login details - Name and email address of your account.

  • Default location - You can set default location fr your surveys.

  • Default Phone number, Country code - You can set default country code for phone number field to be displayed in your survey.

  • Preview survey - No responses will be collected in this mode.\

  • Kiosk Mode Settings - With this setting you can enable the back button to be disabled within the Zonka App, Long or short press of the power button will not lock the screen, Pressing the home button will show the home screen.

  • App Version - Know all details about your app version.

  • Device ID - Use this device ID and know its details in the report section in your account.

4. Sync to server - You can collect responses without worrying about the internet connection and sync it when a connection is established.

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