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Getting started with Offline & Kiosk Surveys
Getting started with Offline & Kiosk Surveys

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Turn your Android Tablets and iPads as Offline Kiosk Survey App to take feedback from customers and employees and capture data in real-time, without any assistance.

In Zonka Feedback, Offline Surveys enables you to collect feedback without an active Internet connection and syncs the responses back to the server the moment you go online.

What is Offline & Kiosk Survey?

You can use kiosk mode on the Zonka Feedback App, anywhere your app can turn your device into a survey-taking station.

The Kiosk platform allows you to customize a survey and display it at any physical location using the Kiosk app, setting the standard for point-in-time feedback. Often set-up as a mounted iPad or tablet on a stand, Kiosks can handle large crowds while consistently collecting feedback. Kiosk surveys run in a loop, refreshing for the next person as soon a response is completed.

Example: Suppose you are conducting an event and would you like to collect feedback from the attendees. In such a scenario, an offline survey kiosk would be ideal.

How does the Kiosk platform work?

  1. Log into your Zonka Feedback account.

  2. Go to 'Manage' section.

  3. Click on 'Surveys.'

  4. Build your surveys and click on 'Distribute' from the top menu.

  5. Choose App/Kiosk.

  6. You can either Download iOS App/ Download Android App and sign in.

  7. Collect responses in the app. Responses will automatically sync with your Zonka Feedback account.

You can download the App and start collecting feedback from your customers. Zonka Feedback Offline Surveys App enables you to collect feedback without an active Internet connection and syncs the responses back to your account the moment you go online.

Useful Features for Kiosk Survey App

Choose the mode of survey and use the useful features. This can serve as an essential feature fr your business needs. The steps described below will guide you through the process of adding additional features for your Kiosk Survey App to your account:

a) There are 3 Data Capture Modes for surveys: Kiosk Surveys, Face-to-face surveys and mobile forms.

  • Kiosk Mode: You can ideally use this if you want to setup your Tablet as Kiosk and don't have or want any assistance in handling the tablet and survey. This allows respondents to choose on their own if they'd like to fill the survey. This mode enables you to set restart and survey time-out options, to make sure that the survey continues.

  • Face-to-Face surveys: You can ideally use this mode if you want to handover your tablet to your customers for filling up the survey. This has assistance available for their easy use. You find pre-capture and post-capture screens with this mode, where your team members can fill information related to the response before and after the start of the survey.

  • Mobile Forms: A mobile form is an electronic or digital form application that functions on a smartphone or tablet device. Mobile forms enable users to collect data using mobile devices, and then to send the results back to the source.

b) Hide Survey Exit Options: While setting up your Android tablets and iPads as Survey Kiosks, you don’t want people to exit the survey screen. You can hide all survey exit options and password protected it to ensure the survey on kiosk runs without interference. By this feature, you can be sure that the customers don't exit the survey by mistake.

c) Run Offline Kiosk Surveys: Zonka Feedback’s Kiosk Survey App runs in offline mode as well, which means you can continue taking feedback and capturing data without WiFi and all the data will automatically sync once the Internet is connected.

Advantages of Online & Kiosk Surveys:

These kiosks, as the name would suggest, are digital stands with a touchscreen tablet mounted on top, and placed in various strategic locations where people can input their feedback about a particular subject. There a lot of advantages in collecting the feedback in the form of Offline & Kiosk Apps.

1. In-the-Moment Feedback
2. Better Response Rates
3. They Are Non-Intrusive
4. Easy to implement

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