White Labeling your Surveys

Learn how to remove Zonka Feedback branding and White Label your Surveys including Survey Domain, Email Surveys and SMS Surveys ๐Ÿท๏ธ

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What does White Label mean?

White Label in short means to re-brand. In Zonka Feedback, with white-labelling, you can hide Zonka Feedback's branding from surveys, survey links, email surveys and more, and you can replace it with your branding. This will ensure that your users are viewing your branding only.

What can you White-Label with Zonka Feedback?

You can white-label the following with Zonka Feedback:

  • Surveys: Add your company logo, background, colors, branding to your Surveys.

  • Remove 'Powered by Zonka Feedback' Message: Remove the message 'Powered by Zonka Feedback' from your Surveys

  • Email Surveys Sender Email Address: You can white-label your Email Surveys sender address so when your audience gets an Email Survey from Zonka Feedback, they see your Email Address.

  • Survey Link (Survey Domain): You can white-label the Survey Link so when you're using Survey Links, QR Codes and Web Surveys, your audience and customers see your custom Survey Link.

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