What is White Label?

White Label in short means to re-brand. It is a feature with which you can hide Zonka Feedback's brand name and you can add in your Brand Name. Hence this would not give an impression of any third party providers influence your website or company rather it would be like your own. 

Where do you find White Label & Zonka Branding?

To ensure that we send your own domain and stop 'Zonka' Brand name in all your emails please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to 'Settings.'

  2. Click on the Account drop down. 

  3. Choose 'White Label.'

You can choose any domain or sub-domain owned by you or shows your company name. It is a simple way to add your Survey Domain Name to white label and personalize Survey URLs sent to your audience.


By default, survey links use our own domain. A regular survey link might look like this:

With our Professional Plan, however, you can use your very own domain,
https://us1(Company Name).co/o26N

What is Zonka Branding?

In short, Manage Zonka Feedback Logo & Branding on your Surveys.
Hide the Zonka Feedback Branding from your Surveys on Tablets/Kiosks, Email & Web Surveys.
Building brand is critical, and Zonka Feedback offer a wide variety of options to meet your needs.

Enable the toggle button and you would stop seeing the "Powered by Zonka Feedback" in all your surveys on Tablets/Kiosks, Email & Web Surveys.

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