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General Settings

Set Company Name, Time Zone, Country and Company Logo ⚙️

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Zonka Feedback includes a wide variety of settings that enables you to tailor this software as per your custom requirements. These settings ease down your operating capabilities and help you to streamline your Customer Feedback process. 

Within General Settings, you’ll find numerous account customization options, controls, and account management details. Any settings updated here will be reflected all across your account.

Under the Account you have the following four settings —

  1. General 

  2. User Settings

  3.  White Label

  4. Task Type

In the General Settings, you can manage the following —

Your Company Name — You can set a name to this account, which can be your Company name or Account name. Setting a company name gives your Zonka Feedback account an unique and personalized identity. 

Timezone Setting your timezone in Zonka Feedback helps you localize your account for date & time on responses, for system emails (notifications, alerts), for scheduled email and SMS surveys. 

Country You can choose a default country for your account. 

Upload your Company Logo Personalize your account with your Company Logo. A logo is much more than just an image, it is a point of recognition for clients. 

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