SMS surveys are defined as those surveys which are administered to gather data and collect feedback from the customers with the help of Short Messaging Service.

It is an effective and one of the most efficient survey data collection methodology that provides a high response rate and actionable data from the customers. In order to make best use of SMS surveys, it is important to send them at the right time. 

Once the message body is composed, it is important to add your recipients. We have lots of methods to add the recipients. Zonka Feedback has made it a very easy process. Take a look at the ways in which you can add:

1. Add Contacts Manually 

This is one of the simplest ways to add your recipients. To add manually start writing the contact’s name followed by the phone number separated by a comma. Each recipient should be on a new line.

Format the phone numbers with country code without the plus “+” and no spaces.
A US phone number +1-541-754-3011 should be formatted to 15417543011.
A India phone number +91 9988776677 should be formatted to 919988776677.

Charumathi, 919944XXXXXX
Peter Heis, 267XXXXX
Max Miller, 146XXXXXX

2. Select from the Contact List

To make things easier we have unique feature known as Lists.
Why is it special and unique? You need not do your recipients adding task again and again. Create a list for once and use it for infinite times. It is easy to Create a list in the contacts. 

Note: Learn how to create a list. 

3. Import CSV File

This is considered as one of the best ways to reduce your workload. You can so bulk import of contacts in few minutes. It prevents the hassle of adding Contacts manually, saves time and makes the process quicker. 

  1. Click on 'Import' drop down.
  2. Import CSV -  The emerging pop up will help you upload a CSV file or Spreadsheet which has all your recipients information. Alternatively, you can Download a sample spreadsheet to see the format for your CSV file. 
  3. Import CSV with Pre Fill data - This is similar to the normal Import. You can have additional information added that can be used while sending emails. This pre-defined data makes your email more personalized. To pass any additional service related data such as Membership id, Service Tag id, Flight number, just configure these field in your survey and upload the data related to it, using this import feature. 

Once you are done adding your recipients you can continue further by clicking Preview where you can preview the email that you are about to send. 

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