One good way to increase your response rate is to 'Pick the right channel and the right way.'

What is Embedding a question?

Embedding customer feedback surveys within the email is one of the best way to get responses from your customers. It is simple way by which a question of your survey is sent embedded within the email body. Since the customers can see the question when they open the email, they are more likely to click on the response and this leads to good response rate. Once they click on the question, it redirects them to the second page of the survey you have created.  

How to Embed question in the survey?

Here are the steps you have to follow to embed a question in your email:

  1. Navigate to 'Surveys.'
  2. Select the 'Distribute' tab for survey you would like to send the Email. 
  3. While composing the changes, select Embed option.
  4. Once done add recipients, preview and send the surveys to your customers.

Tips to create a survey

  1. Make sure that the first question of your survey is a rating question like NPS, CES or CSAT or any of the below question types and not a unclickable question like text fields, comment boxes.
  2. Make your survey short, look personal and focused. 

What questions can be embedded?

  • Net Promoter Score - NPS
  • Customer Satisfaction score - CSAT
  • Customer Effort score - CES
  • 5 Scale Rating 
  • 4 Scale Rating
  • 3 Scale Rating
  • 2 Scale Rating
  • Checkbox
  • Single Select Button
  • Radio Button
  • Picture Choice
  • Matrix/Rating Scale
  • 0-10 scale
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