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Getting Started with Email Surveys in Zonka Feedback
Getting Started with Email Surveys in Zonka Feedback

Cheat-sheet to get started with Email Surveys 📧

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Email Surveys are one of the most widely and popularly used forms of sending surveys to collect feedback and days from customers, visitors, and employees. Because email surveys can reach people with devices of any type and size, they have great deliverability and response rate.

Configuring and sending Email Surveys is very easy from your Zonka Feedback account. With customizable expert survey templates, ready-to-use email templates, and ease of embedding the survey questions, email surveys can be designed very intuitively for recipients.

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Getting Started with Email Surveys

  1. Once you’ve created your survey, click to ‘Distribute’ and it’ll navigate you to the Distribution page.

  2. From there, select Email to explore all the Email Survey settings. Choose if you’d like to send Email Surveys from the platform itself or set up Email Surveys via APIs and Integrations. (Read more to set up Email Surveys via APIs)

Ways to send Email Surveys through Zonka Feedback

There are three options for the Email platform:

  • Send Now: The Email Survey is sent immediately to all the Contacts you have chosen or uploaded.

  • Send Later: This option can be used if you'd like to Schedule the Email Surveys for a later time. You can select a future date and time to Schedule Email Surveys and they will automatically be triggered on the specified date and time by the Zonka Feedback platform.

  • Email Survey via API keys

Types of Email Surveys

When sending Email Surveys via Zonka Feedback you can choose between Survey Button and Embedded Email Question.

1. Email Survey Button: The Survey Button on click will open the browser with the survey open for the contact. The recipient can fill up the survey on the browser and it will be submitted.

2. Email Embedded Survey Question: The Question Embed will include the first question of the survey within the email itself, instead of the button. This is a great option for email surveys as it leads to more responses when contacts are able to see the question directly in the email body.

Steps to sending Email Surveys via Zonka Feedback

To send Email Surveys from the Zonka Feedback Platform, follow these three easy steps.

  1. Compose the Survey Email: Here you can Compose, Customize, and Personalize the Email Survey that you're sending.

  2. Add Recipients: Import Contacts using CSV, add Contacts Manually or send Email Surveys to existing Contacts and Respondents through Contact Lists.

  3. Preview and Send: Take a quick look at your drafted email to ensure that it is exactly what you want to send. Once previewed, send your Email Surveys.

Let's understand these three steps in detail.

STEP 1: Composing your Survey Email

Composing your Email Survey is much like composing an email where you have to fill in very similar details as you do while sending an email from your email client.

You can customize and personalize the following in your email surveys.

  • From: This is the sender's email address, i.e. the email address that the Recipient (Contact) will see in the Email Survey they receive. By default, the From email address is that of the Account Owner. This can be modified in Company Settings. (Also, explained previously in this article.)

  • Subject Line: This is the email subject line that the Contact will see in the Email Survey when it reaches their inbox. This can be customized and should ideally include the purpose of your email survey. You can also insert Placeholders in the Email Survey Subject Line.

  • Email Content: Here you can compose the body of the email that you’d like the Contact to see. This includes Logo, Heading, Text, Survey Link (choose between Button and Question Embed), and Signature. You can also insert Placeholders in Email Content.

Choosing between Survey Button and Embedded Email Question: You can either embed your first question or you can have it as a survey button.

Insert Placeholder: Insert a personalization token to tailor the content based on the recipient. You can insert properties like Name, Company Name, Club ID.

STEP 2: Adding Recipients

There are multiple ways in which you can Add Recipients for your Email Surveys to send from the Zonka Feedback platform. These methods include.

  1. Add Contacts Manually — In the box to add Recipients’ Names, you can enter Contact Name and Email Address separated by a comma. Multiple contacts can be added here in separate lines.

    Example: James,
    Note: Name is not mandatory to be added.

  2. Import - You can import as a contact list or a CSV file.

  • Select From Contact List — Choose from Contact Lists created in the Contacts section. All the lists will be mentioned here in the dropdown. Read more about Contact Lists here.

  • Import CSV — If you have a bulk of Contacts to be imported for Email Surveys, you can import a CSV file. Besides the Email Address of all Contacts, the imported CSV can also include Name, Contact Attributes, Custom Attributes. Read more about CSV Upload for Adding Contacts for Email Surveys here.

Once you have added your Recipients, your survey is ready to be sent. While sending, you can decide whether you would like to send it immediately or schedule it for later.

STEP 3: Preview and Send your Email Surveys

Once you are done with the content edition and adding recipients you can continue by choosing Preview.

Click on 'Preview' to finally view your Email Survey and then proceed to Send it.

Testing the Email Survey

Sending yourself the Email once your customizations are done is a great way to experience how your Email Surveys look and work. You can easily Test your Email Surveys from the Zonka Feedback platform without having to separately add yourself to the Contact List and this won't affect your logs and metrics as well.

To test the Email Survey, follow these steps.

  1. On the Customization page, click on 'Send Test Email' at the bottom right-hand side.

  2. When you click on it, a text box will appear. Fill in your email address here and click 'Send Test Email'.

You can experience the Email Survey and fill it up as well. The responses for the same will not be saved and this is for you to experience the flow and working of the Survey only.

Sending Email Reminders

When you’re sending Email Surveys from the Zonka Feedback Platform, you can also set up Email Reminders to be sent to recipients who don’t fill up the survey in a defined period of time.

Sending Email Reminders has a great impact on increasing Response Rate as it serves as a reminder to people who either missed your previous Email or deferred it for later, after which it slipped out of their minds.

If configured, Email Reminders are sent to all those who haven’t filled out the survey. Even if they opened the email and didn’t fill out the survey, they would get the reminder, if set.

To set Email Reminders, follow these steps.

  1. Turn on the Reminder Toggle in Step 2 for Email Surveys while adding Recipients

  2. The Subject will automatically have the previous subject prepended with 'Reminder:'

  3. Customize the Message and add information for the recipient here to encourage them to fill the survey.

  4. Set the number of times the Reminder Emails should be sent. Choose between 1 time and 2 times. You cannot send more than 2 reminder emails.

  5. Choose the number of days after which the Reminder Emails are to be sent.

Once done, click on 'Preview' to move to the final step of Previewing the Email Survey before sending it out.

Here are a few important things about Email Reminders.

  • Sent to all Non-Respondents: If configured, email reminders are sent to all those who have not responded to the survey.

  • Up to Two Reminders can be set: Up to two reminders can be set for the recipients.

  • No impact on Email Sending Limits: Email Reminders are not counted as separate and don’t impact your Email Sending limit. (No additional cost)

  • Same message and customization: The same email as configured earlier is sent as a Reminder with the subject prepended with 'Reminder:'. You can add an additional message to the recipients.

Email Logs

In your Zonka Feedback platform, you have an option to track all your Email Surveys that are sent out. With Email Logs, you can easily track the deliverability rate and response rate. It helps you determine the success of your email campaign and also track bounces.

Information that you can find in Email Logs includes the following.

  • List of all the Email Addresses where you sent the Email Survey.

  • Time and date when your Email Survey was sent.

  • Time and date when your Email was opened.

  • Time and date when your Survey was opened. (When the recipient clicked on the Email Survey Button or the Embedded Question.)

  • Time and date when the Respondent submitted the Response.

Additionally, you can also track Email bounces in the Email Logs.

Types of Email Survey Logs

There are two types of Email Survey Logs you can see in Zonka Feedback.

  1. Detailed Email Survey Log: Here you can view the Email Survey Sent time, Email Opened time, Survey Opened time and Survey Responded time for all email addresses individually.

  2. Email Survey Log Summary: The Summary Email Survey Logs give you month-wise data for Email Surveys Sent, Delivered, Opened, Open Rate, Responded, and Response Rate.

Accessing Email Logs

Click here to view Email Logs or follow these steps.

  1. Choose Email Surveys from the left-hand

  2. Select Email Survey Logs.

FAQs: Sending Email Surveys with Zonka Feedback

Can I change the sender's email address?

Yes, you can change the sender's name and email address which the recipient will see when they receive the email. There are two ways to do this. Here's how —

  1. While composing the Email Survey, click on Change Email on the top OR go to Company Settings > Email Surveys > Sender Email. The section 'Survey Sender Email Address' will appear.

  2. In the section, you can add and update Sender Name and Sender Email Address.

  3. When you click on Update, a verification email will be sent to the updated Email Address to verify the email address and the change made. Open the email in your inbox, click on the link to verify and your email address will be updated.

Can I change my email message body?

Yes, you can change the email message body, add a logo, add a signature, edit the feedback button, and insert placeholders. Read more about Email Survey Customization.

Can I change my email look and feel?

Yes, you can change the look and feel of the email survey including adding a logo, changing colors of the text, changing the color of the survey button, and more. You can also add the question of the survey within the email body itself. Read more about Changing Look and Feel of the Email Survey.

Can I embed the first question of my survey within the email body?

Yes, the first question of the survey can be embedded within the email body itself. Read more about Embedded Surveys here.

What questions can be embedded?

Close-ended questions (with a single selection) can be embedded in the email. These include:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Customer Satisfaction score (CSAT)

  • Customer Effort Score (CES)

  • 7 Scale Rating

  • 5 Scale Rating

  • 4 Scale Rating

  • 3 Scale Rating

  • Button (single selection)

  • Radio Button

  • Picture Question

Do Zonka Feedback's Email surveys avoid spam filters?


Zonka Feedback surveys have exceptional deliverability rates. We also have an option to white-label your surveys. Our team continually runs our surveys through testing to ensure the highest rate of spam avoidance.

Can I see who has bounced or unsubscribed after sending emails?


We have a track of all the emails that are triggered out of the system and you can check the delivery rate as well.

Can I see logs of Email Surveys delivered and answered?


Zonka Feedback is connected with Sendgrid and through which we can the number of emails sent, delivered, opened, and responded to.

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