Email Surveys are one of the most widely and popular form of communication, and are frequently used for collecting feedback and distributing surveys.

Sending Surveys and Feedback forms via Email is very effective and with the right Survey Tool, it can also be very easy.

Sending Email Surveys (Distributing Surveys through Email)

Once you have created your Survey, sending Email Survey to your customers using Zonka Feedback is a very simple 3-step process.

To send Email Surveys through Zonka Feedback, follow these steps.

  1. Compose the Survey Email — You can compose, customize and personalize the Survey Email.
  2. Add Recipients — Import Contacts using CSV, add Contacts Manually or send Email Surveys to existing Contacts and Respondents through Contact Lists.
  3. Preview and Send — Take a quick look at your drafted email to ensure that it is exactly what you want to send. Once previewed, send your Email Surveys.

Let's review these 3 steps to Sending Email Surveys in detail.

Composing your Survey Email

Composing your Email Survey is much like composing an email where you have to fill in very similar details as you do while sending an email from your email client.

The personalisation and customisation you can do include the following:

  • From: This is the sender email address, i.e. the email address that the Recipient (Contact) will see default in the Email Survey they receive. By default, the From email address is that of the Account Owner. This can be modified in Company Settings.
  • Subject Line: This is the email subject line that the Contact will see in the Email Survey when it reaches their inbox. This can be customised and should ideally include the purpose of your email survey.
  • Email Content: Here you can compose the body of the email that you’d like the Contact to see. This includes Logo, Heading, Text, Survey Link (choose between Button and Question Embed) and Footer.

Choosing between Survey Button and Embedded Email Question

When sending Email Surveys via Zonka Feedback you can choose between Survey Button and Embedded Email Question.

The Survey Button on click will open the browser with the survey open for the contact. The Contact can fill up the survey on the browser and it will be submitted.

The Question Embed will include the first question of the survey within the email itself, instead of the button. This is a great option for email surveys as it leads to more responses when contacts are able to see the question directly in the email body.

What questions can be embedded?

Most close-ended questions (with single selection) can be embedded in the email. These include:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction score (CSAT)
  • Customer Effort score (CES)
  • 5 Scale Rating
  • 4 Scale Rating
  • 3 Scale Rating
  • Button (single selection)
  • Radio Button
  • Picture Question

Once done with all the customization, you can 'send test email' and check the preview.

Adding Recipients

In Zonka Feedback you can add your recipients in the following methods:

  • Add Contacts Manually — In the box to add Recipients’ Names, you can enter Contacts Name and Email Address. Multiple contacts can be added here. Name is not compulsory to add. Example: James, james@zonkafeedback.con
  • Select From Contact List — Choose from Contact Lists created in Contacts section. All the lists will be mentioned here in the drop down.
  • Import CSV — If you have a bulk of Contacts to be imported for Email Surveys, you can import a CSV file. Besides the Email Address of all Contacts, the imported CSV can also include Name, Contact Attributes, Custom Attributes.

Once you have added your Recipients, your survey is ready to be sent. While sending, you can decide whether you would like to send it immediately or schedule it for later.

Preview and Send your Email Surveys

Once you are done with content edition and adding recipients you can continue by choosing Preview where you can preview the email.

To finally send, click Send and wait for the responses to hit your Response Inbox.

Email Logs

In Zonka Feedback, you have an option to track all your Email Surveys that are sent out. With Email Logs, it is important to know and understand deliverability rate and response rate. It helps you determine the success of your email campaign and also track bounces. In the Email Logs, the information you can find is as follows.

  • To which email address you have sent your survey.
  • Time and date when your Email was sent
  • Time and date when your Email was opened
  • Time and date when your survey was opened
  • Time and date when the respondent has submitted his/her response.

Learn about Email Logs in detail. It is highly important to know the Deliverability rate and the response rate, this helps you to understand your customers in detail.

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